Rachel Carson Elementary School is committed to creating a safe environment that supports student well-being and empowers all students to achieve academic success. As such, we will enforce the Personal Mobile Device Regulation COG-RA  for our students at all times.


A personal mobile device (PMD) refers to any non-MCPS-issued device used to send or receive data via voice, video, or text. Mobile phones, e-readers, tablets, personal computers, smart watches, or other devices equipped with microphones, headphones, speakers, and/or cameras are all considered PMDs

  • Students may possess PMDs on MCPS property and at MCPS-sponsored activities.
  • Elementary school students may use PMDs before and after the student day but are NOT permitted to use PMDs during instructional periods, lunch or recess periods, or between classes/during transitional time.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that their PMDs are turned off and kept out of sight during times of unauthorized use.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that their PMDs are managed securely at all times.
  • MCPS will assume no responsibility or liability for loss, theft, or damage to a device or for the unauthorized use of any such PMD