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 Predator/Prey Relationships

Predator/Prey is a guided simulation designed to increase understanding of the predator/prey relationship that animals exhibit in our local ecosystem. Participants are assigned a role in the food chain, participate in the simulation, collect and analyze results, and assess factors affecting their survival. Evaluation includes a discussion noting changes in the environment that may be helpful to some populations and harmful to others. 


Lesson Resources

These lesson materials are designed to supplement and refresh the workshops.  Teachers must attend a training workshop before teaching the Predator/Prey class.

Predator/Prey Lesson Plan       

Lesson Introduction  (Google Slides)

Model Lesson on Video - this can help the teachers review before teaching the lesson at their school's Outdoor Environmental Education Program. It does not take the place of attending an initial in-person training.

 Boundary Maps for Predator Prey

Suggested Indoor Alternatives