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Maryland Green Schools Program

The Maryland Green Schools Award Program recognizes Maryland schools that include environmental education in the curricula, model best management practices at the school, and address community environmental issues. The program was developed by a diverse team of educators representing the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE), Office of the Governor, the Maryland Association of Student Councils, Maryland Department of Education, Department of Natural Resources and Maryland Department of the Environment, and is administered through the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education.

The MCPS Environmental Sustainability Management Plan MCPS has a goal that 50% of our schools will be certified Green Schools by 2024. Currently, 50 of our schools (25%) have received certification.  Environmental Sustainability Management Plan  

“MCPS schools are encouraged to seek Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) Green School Certification. This voluntary certification program promotes learning that incorporates local environmen­tal issue investigation and professional development with environmental best management practices and community stewardship.”

The Lathrop E. Smith Center, home office of OEEP, is a MD Green Center, as is SERT. We work together with partners to help our schools become and maintain Green School status because it is good for the students and good for the environment.

Schools interested in becoming a MD Green School complete an application process that documents the school's program and activities during a two-year period. A panel reviews the applications and an award celebration is held in the spring.  The superintendent of schools receives a list of all new Green Schools.(from http://dnr2.maryland.gov/Education/pages/greenschools.aspx)

For detailed information about becoming a Green School, please visit: http://maeoe.org/green-schools/  

MCPS teachers can contact Mark Granger for additional support and assistance

Professional Development for MD Green Schools Certification

Here are a few of the places that can assist with providing that learning for staff and students:

  •  All OEEP workshops (see PDO – new listings twice a year)  and all OEEP programs
  •  SERT (Contact the SERT office to make arrangements)
  •  Audubon Naturalist Society
  •  Teacher Workshops for Green School Certification and Environmental Literacy - offered by the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin.