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Smith Center Loaner Equipment Descriptions

Enviroscapes Watershed Model 

Hands-on, interactive demonstration of the sources and effects of water pollution. Easily demonstrate how stormwater runoff carries pollutants through the watershed to a pond, lake, river, bay, or ocean – and the best management practices to prevent this type of pollution from occurring. The overall watershed/stormwater concept is effectively communicated to all ages.

  • Schools may need to supply their own consumable materials (cocoa powder and Kool-Aid mix)

Stream Study Equipment

Everything you need to successfully conduct a stream study with your students.  Class set includes 8 extendable D-nets, 4 large tubs, 8 ice-cube trays, 8 small plastic jars, 2-40x Brock field microscopes, 4 petri dishes, 8 brushes, 8 plastic spoons, and 8 eye-droppers. 


  • Schools must provide their chemical test kits, thermometers, and turbidity tubes.
  • Ask if portable tables are available for use when requesting equipment.

Animal ID Kit

A collection of authentic pelts and skulls along with replicas of footprints and scat for a variety of native mammals. Also included is a set of questions about animal features and behaviors to guide students in identifying the animals.

Note: Not all animals have all the contents listed above.