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Public Use of Lathrop E. Smith Environmental Education Center


When the Smith Center is not being used by MCPS, public agencies, nonprofit organizations - including nonprofit groups - and citizens’ organizations within or outside the County, may rent the Smith Center facilities. The Smith Center rental may include the large general purpose room for eating and assembling, four dormitories with restrooms that house 150 people, and several acres of land. The buildings are heated, but do not have air conditioning. 



  1. Nonprofit groups are permitted to contract for the use of the Smith Center.
  2. The Smith Center is available for overnight use by nonprofit groups.
  3. Rules governing the use of schools by outside groups apply to the use of this facility.
  4. Scheduling and billing for use of the Smith Center by nonprofit groups are conducted as follows:
    • Smith Center staff schedule the use of the Smith Center by nonprofit groups.
    • Payments are made directly to the Smith Center for charges below:
      • In order to defray the replacement and repair costs of furniture and equipment as well as maintenance of the facility, a fixed rate per participant per day is charged for each user group.
      • Groups using the center are charged a per hour rate for each building service employee required to work during the time they are using the facility.
      • Because a cafeteria worker or manager must be present in a supervisory capacity when the cafeteria is used, a use-of-facilities charge plus a fixed labor charge is incurred for the Cafeteria Worker I position. This employee may assist with, but is not responsible for, food preparation. This includes food prepared by groups who access the cafeteria facility and/or the use of cafeteria equipment and food purchased and brought in by a group.
      • The Smith Center submits fees collected for staff labor charges to the Montgomery County Interagency Coordinating Board (ICB) for Community Use of Public Facilities. ICB coordinates the payment of staff labor charges.
  5. If a cafeteria worker is not hired, only the stand-alone refrigerators, sinks and counters of the kitchen may be used.


Inquiries about use may be made by telephone weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at 240-740-1404.



 For more information about our rentals, please check out the Facility Rental Information packet.