PRINCIPAL - Welcome Mr. Cline!


Dear Students, Parents, Staff, and Community Members:

I am delighted to have the privilege of serving as Oak View Principal.  The OVES community is strong, vibrant, and growing.  The future is bright due to the work the OVES community has done to build not only a solid foundation for growth, but also several floors.  I hope you will join us to build the high rise of success for all of our students as we move forward.  We will have a laser-like focus on academic success for all students at high levels of achievement while developing strong citizens. 

Over time, I hope we create a community in which we see the potential in each of us as limitless, are committed to others over self, and desire to grow our own learning, as students, parents, staff, community members, and administrators.  Let us build deep connections between the school, home, community, and diverse cultures represented within our school. 

While I will devote great energy, time, and effort to our school community, I do enjoy taking time to do other things too.  In my spare time I enjoy reading, biking, playing board and card games, movies, music, and being with good friends enjoying great food and good times.     

In closing, I ask that we all think about championing each and every student in our school for in the words of Rita Pierson, “Every child deserves a champion!”  Who will you champion today? 


Jeff Cline 


2013-2015:  Eagle Academy Public Charter School, Washington, D.C.

     PreK3 - Grade 3     774 Students     Title 1

2010-2013:  Fairfield Elementary - Fort Wayne, Indiana

     PreK4 - Grade 5     580 Students     Title 1


1999-2010:  Principal - John S. Irwin Elementary, Fort Wayne, Indiana

     Kindergarten - Grade 5     312 Students     Math & Science Magnet School


1998-1999:  Indianapolis Public Schools, Indianapolis, IN

     Grade 6 Teacher - Cold Spring School

1984-1998:  Warsaw Community Schools, Warsaw, IN

     Grade 6 Teacher - Jefferson Elementary

1982-1984:  Wabash City Schools, Wabash, IN

     Grade 4 Teacher - Miami Elementary