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Mr. Michael Davison Career Preparation Teacher
Mrs. Nadine Hecht Internship Coordinator, Career Prep
Ms. Maureen McEneaney Child Development Teacher

Child Development Program

Students in the Child Development Program work with children in a variety of settings and study development from before birth through adolescence. After a 7-week training period, students become part of a team of teachers responsible for the day-to-day workings of a lab school. Students participating in the Child Development Program are often interested in early childhood through secondary education, family law, pediatric medicine, physical therapy, psychology, and sociology. Classroom activities include observations, research, lesson planning, teaching, portfolio development and special projects. 

This program has 2 + 2 + 2 articulation agreements -- 2 years in MCPS, 2 years in an Associate's Degree program, and 2 years at the University of Maryland or Towson University to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Education. A submitted 2-year portfolio from the MCPS Child Development Program may earn a student college credit. The Maryland 90 + 9 Clock Hour Certificate may also be awarded, through attainment of set guidelines in 2 years of Child Development study in high school.

This program serves preschool children in their year before kindergarten. Information about the Northwood Lab Preschool and applications for the program are available through the links on the Northwood home page. We encourage your friends and family to register their young children and experience the wonderful early childhood experience provided here at Northwood High School. Please call 240-740-6997 for more information.


What is an Internship?

A student internship is an unpaid, career-focused experience during which students become directly involved in the workplace. This experience provides an opportunity for a student to apply the skills obtained in school to real work situations and to learn additional skills. An internship will also help students define their career goals.

Minimum Requirements

In order to earn credit for internship, students must work a minimum number of hours, as follows:

  • Triple Period Interns: 225 hours/semester = 15 hours per week
  • Double Period Interns: 150 hours/semester = 10 hours per week
  • Single Period Interns: 75 hours/semester = 5 hours per week

The hours may be arranged to suit the convenience of the supervisor and student. Hours will be given for the weekly seminar meetings which are held at Northwood High School with the Internship Coordinator.