NBMS will again be offering its highly successful after school program on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3:15 - 4:15, September - May. We offer a range of opportunities to embrace the varied interest of our students, including classes, clubs, intramural and athletic sports, and the spring musical.



1.   NBMS Extracurricular Activities (ECA): School-Sponsored Classes and Clubs, Intramurals, and Athletics are supervised by staff members.  These NO-FEE classes are open to all students (athletic teams: 7th & 8th grade only). See class offerings, below.


2.  2018-2019  Enrichment Academies, Inc. will continue to run the fee-based enrichment after school clubs for the PTSA. Learn more about Enrichment Academies here and click here for information about registration.  


 3. Student Government Association (SGA): See information at the bottom of this page. 


 4. Science Olympiad Club: See information at the bottom of this page. 


5. New! Mathletes Club: See information at the bottom of this page.



 The After School Activities (ASA) Program is an integral part of the total education process for middle school students. After school activities provide students with the opportunity to explore new areas of interest, cultivate and enhance existing skills, and grow both socially and cognitively in a safe and supportive environment.  Although these activities take place after the school day, all of our goals, rules and expectations remain the same.   


General Information

Activities are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, most weeks throughout the school year, from 3:05 – 4:15 pm. Exceptions are days that schools are closed for any reason, and early release days.  


 MaryBeth Turska, After School Activities Coordinator - for questions regarding the ECA Programs.    

 Sean Tucker, Intramurals Coordinator

Emily Reuter,  , Athletic Coordinator             

If you have questions about a specific activity, please contact that activity's sponsor.  

If an activity is cancelled due to inclement weather, or sponsor illness, this information will be announced to students on the PA in the afternoon.

 Students MUST be picked up promptly at 4:15 or take the bus.  Staff is not available to stay and wait for late pick ups.

Fall 2019 Athletics Announcement: 

 Fall Athletics come quick, so be ready with your forms!  

Any students interested in NBMS Fall Softball and Cross Country - which include soon-to-be 7th and 8th graders (aka: current 6th and 7th), can get their physicals and forms ready over the summer, so they can hand them in to the coaches in September 2019. Tryouts start the second week of school/September!  Forms can be found on the NBMS website, in "After School Activities", then scroll down to "Athletics" (see below).  Students will need a medical card, parent permission, and a current physical/ clearance health inventory.  See you in the Fall! 


 After School Activity Bus Schedule 

 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

 September 2018-May 2019(no buses on early release days)

There are three activity bus routes. Review with your student which bus to take. Click hyperlink, below, to see the routes.

Buses depart by 4:35    See routes here   

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)












Homework Help     

Starts: October 9th

When? Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Where? D207





    Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

Starts October 9th



  Mr. Sabia, Ms. Nicolas, Ms. Giorgio, Mr. Roberts, Ms. ArmstrongMr. IsraelMs. Steffens and Mr. Lutchenkov

Recycling Club  *Starting Wednesday, October 10th in B202

Recycling Club Application Form Here   or pick up from B202


Starts October 10th


Mr. Werbeck




Starts November 14th 


    Ms. Wolfinger

S.A.F.E. (Student Association For Everyone)


The LGBTQ+ Club of NBMS


Providing a safe space for students

promoting tolerance and understanding within the NBMS community

connecting with the LGBTQ+ student community outside of NBMS

Wednesdays  Starts October 17th
B102  Ms. Ronan

A Cappella Auditions are November 1st.  We will meet Wednesdays after school in room 222

Open only to students enrolled in Chorus. By audition only.



Starts October 17th


 Mr. McFeaters    

Knitting: Every other Wednesday. Wednesdays Starts October 17th  D200 Ms. Masiello
Drama - Spring Play performances: May 17th, 18th, 19th

Student Interest Meeting: November 14th 3:15-4:15pm                Media Center    

Auditions:      December 11th-13th   TBA                
Callbacks:      December 18th-20th   TBA    

      Ms. Monica Nicolas
SCIENCE OLYMPIAD     - See information below

*see info below     Mr. Werbeck, Ms. Lutchenkov
     Model UN Club           Thursdays
 Starts October 18th
 Ms. Steimer
MATH TEAM - Math Team - The math team is a group of students interested in solving math problems competitively. The weekly practices consist of problem solving, mainly by working on problems from old competitions. Practices will be on Wednesdays after school in C106. *See more information below. Click here for the Math Team flyer

If you are interested in participating on the Math Team, there will be an information meeting/tryout for students on Wednesday, September 26 after school from 3 – 4:15.   

Please register your student online at http://bit.ly/NBMSMATHTEAM by noon on Tuesday September 25th


TBD C106 Ms. Needham
Ms. Watkins
Student Government Associations (SGA) TBD  TBD TBD Ms. Julie Armstrong
Writers' Club Thursdays
C205 Ms. Vickey Brown
Ms. Josette Hill 
Board Game Club -
 The board game club allows students to play board games and card games, & bring in their own games from home to play.
Thursdays ongoing A202 Mr. Sean Martin

2018-2019 Intramurals

   Sean Tucker 

INTRAMURALS are open to all studentsStudents are required to submit the signed Intramural/Extramural Parent Permission Form. Intramurals are non-competitive, recreational, and a leisure activity. There are no additional fees required for intramurals. Unless specifically arranged otherwise, all activities begin after school, and end promptly at 4:15 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.










 Soccer        Wednesdays - Fall

Wednesdays -Spring
Fall- 9/19-11/22

Spring - 3/13-4/24
 Gym Paul Lutchenkov & Jonathan Puhl
Basketball         Tuesdays & Thursdays 9/18-11/22 Gym      Jonathan Puhl
Dance/Yoga/Mindfulness Tuesdays 9/18-5/17 Dance studio Orchid Dargahi
Running Club Thursdays 11/8-5/17 Meet in Chorus room, then outside Jason McFeaters
Weight/Circuit Training     Tuesdays & Thursdays 2/12-3/21 Weight Room     Hailey Markos
   Lacrosse Tuesdays & Thursdays 4/2-5/17 Back Fields Hailey Markos

2018-2019 ATHLETICS

     Emily Reuter
 Elmer 9/11,9/12, 9/13 SOFTBALL FIELDS       

9/11,9/12, 9/13 SOFT BALL FIELDS  

9/11,9/12,9/13 ROOM 222 All Cross Country Meets will be AWAY

  Leffler 11/27,11/28,11/29 GYM  

11/27,11/28,11/29 GYM  


 Tossounian 3/5,3/6,3/7 FIELDS  

 Montello 3/5,3/6,3/7 FIELDS

ATHLETIC TEAMS - 7th and 8th grade students only are eligible for competitive teams. Teams compete after school on a pre-arranged schedule with other middle schools in their league. Parents and students are invited to support home games, but non-team students may not attend away games. 
Game Schedules can be obtained from your child's coach.  Game dates and location  are also posted on the NBMS Calendar on the main page of this website.

To be eligible to try out for Athletic Teams, all students must have a current physical (within the last 2 years), a medical card, and a  parent permission slip. If students do not have their necessary forms, they will not be permitted to try out. This is a non-negotiable MCPS rule.  If the student makes the team, they will also need the Application to Participate listed below:

 *Parents/Volunteers who are drivers to away games (taking other student-athletes besides their child) need to complete this training and print/turn it into the coach or the athletic coordinator. Please see link below:


 MATHLETES 2018-2019

Coach: Stephanie Needham and Amy Watkins 

The Math Team is a group of students interested in solving math problems competitively. The weekly practices consist of problem solving, mainly by working on problems from old competitions. Practices will be on Wednesdays after school in C106  

There are 4 meets a year where the Math Team goes to another middle school (schedule to follow) and competes against many other middle schools. A competition consists of three different rounds: team, individual, and relay. A team is made up of 6 students that splits into two groups of three for the relay part. There is an “A” team, which includes the top members, and potentially “B” and “C” teams. On meet days, we will need assistance getting to the meets. At the end of the meet, students need to picked up at the host school at 5:30 pm. The dates for the meets are Wednesdays November 14, December 12, January 9, and February 6.

If you are interested in participating on the Math Team, there will be an information meeting/tryout for students on Wednesday, September 26 after school from 3 – 4:15.

Please register your student online at http://bit.ly/NBMSMATHTEAM by noon on Tuesday September 25th

Click here for the Math Team flyer


North Bethesda Middle School Science Olympiad Teams

 Coaches: Daniel Werbeck    Mia Lutchenkov


 -Science Olympiad 2018 - 2019

We are excited to kick-off a new season of Science Olympiad! The Science Olympiad team at North Bethesda is open to 7th and 8th graders. If you have a strong interest in STEM, please attend an after-school interest meeting on Thursday, September 20th (location TBD). Competing on Science Olympiad is a big year-long commitment, and it is important to understand the commitment prior to trying out for the team. New this year: To allow more opportunities for all NBMS students, a student will not be permitted to compete on both the Science and Math Olympiad teams. A student is welcome to tryout for both teams, but if initially is selected for both, the student will be asked to choose one or the other. 

Science Olympiad Interest Meeting Thursday, September 20th, 3:00pm
Science Olympiad Tryout Exam Thursday, September 27th, 3:00pm

 If selected for the team:


Science Olympiad Team Meeting Thursday, October 4th, 3:00pm
Science Olympiad Parent Meeting Thursday, October 4th, 7:00pm
National Cathedral School Invitational; Washington, DC Saturday, December 8th
Rustin Invitational, West Chester, PA Saturday, January 5th
Science Olympiad Regional Tournament TBD
Science Olympiad State Tournament TBD

 National Science Olympiad website  

 Maryland National Science Olympiad website       

Student Government Association


 Sponsors:   Julie Armstrong                       


 SGA Dance Expectations for students and parents: Student Dancers

  • Students will follow NBMS rules for behavior and dress.
  • Students are expected to stay at the dance for the full event.
  • SGA Dances are for NBMS students only. We are unable to accommodate visitors from other schools or from out-of-town.
  • No food in the gym; all food remains in the cafeteria.
  • NBMS understands that you will make arrangements to pick up your child when the dance ends. However, if your child leaves earlier, for the safety of your child, we require that a parent/adult escort sign the student out of the dance.
  • Parents are expected to arrive at NBMS promptly to pick up all students.
  • To ensure the safety of all students, teachers wait until the last student goes home. Students not picked up promptly will be discouraged from purchasing a ticket to the next scheduled dance. Should a student be picked up late, parents will be informed of this consequence.



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