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Principal 240-740-2100

Dr. AnneMarie K Smith

Principal, North Bethesda MS

Admin. Assistant to Dr. Smith 240-740-2100

Ms. Katherine M Brooks

Administrative Secretary

Assistant Principal 240-740-2100

Mrs. Lora A Brazil

Principal Asst Middle

Mr. John (Allen) A McDaniel

Asst Sch Admin Sr/Mid 11 Mo

Mrs. Katherine B Rudd

Principal Asst Middle

Finance Office 240-740-2112

Mrs. Robin K Krakower

School Financial Specialist

Main Office 240-740-2100

Mrs. Jeannette C Kemp

School Secretary II

After School Activities 240-740-2110

Attendance 240-740-2101

Mrs. Maria Stefanias

School Secretary I/Attendance

Building Services 240-740-2103

Mrs. Beverly A Prather

Building Service Manager IV

Mr. Darrell L Rollins

Plant Equipment Operator

Mr. Fortunato Aroni

Building Service Worker 2nd Shift

Ms. Neris Y Bonilla-De Fuentes

Bldng Service Wrkr Shft 1

Ms. Marta A Canizales

Bldng Svc Asst Mgr III Sh 2

Mr. Orlando D Martinez

Bldng Service Wrkr Shft 1

Ms. Victoria K Patino

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Mrs. Ana L Portillo

Bldng Service Wrkr Shft 1

Mr. Christopher Ramirez

Bldng Service Wrkr Shft 1

Ms. Maria C Santos

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Mr. Sergio Trejo

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Counseling Services 240-740-2110

Mrs. Jennifer D Sadara

Counselor Resource-6th & 7th Grades (R-Z)

Ms. Lynn A Jarosi

Counselor - 8th Grade (A-Q)

Mrs. Christine T Keller

Counselor 6th Grade (A-Q), SSL Coordinator

Ms. Ashley B Rice

Counselor-7th Grade (A-Q)

Mrs. Jacklyn (Jackie) M McKibben

Counselor Secondary

Ms. Mary Beth Turska

School Secretary II 12 Month/Registrar

Food Services 240-740-2104

Mr. Chi Lam (Sam) S Wong

Cafeteria Manager III

Mrs. Ping G Li

Cafeteria Worker I

Mrs. Meiyue Liu

Cafeteria Worker I

Mr. Hua Sheng Wu

Cafeteria Worker I

Ms. Wei J Zhu

Cafeteria Worker I

Health Room - Rona Gregory 240-740-2102

Security 240-740-2095

Mr. Andre Gaines

Security Assistant 10 mo

Mr. Troy A Lancaster

Security Assistant 10 mo

Lunch Hour Aide

Mrs. Josiane S Mouellet

Lunch Hour Aide Perm

Mr. Ronald R Brett

Lunch Hour Aide Perm

Arts 240-740-2100

Mrs. Sarah M Hoffman

Art Teacher

Ms. Olivia L Partlow

Art 7

Ms. Sandy Zhang

Art Teacher

English 240-740-2100

Mr. Richard H Earenfight

Resource Teacher/7th Gr Team Leader

Mrs. Victoria (Vickey) L Brown

English 7 Teacher

Ms. Rina K Cho

English 8 Teacher

Mr. Derrick M Green

Team Leader-Middle School BD

Mrs. Josette N Hill

Adv. English 6

Mr. Marcus C Hill

Digital Literacy

Mr. Sean (Sean) T Martin

Classroom Teacher Middle

Ms. Allison Steffens

Classroom Teacher Middle

ESOL 240-740-2100

Ms. Radisha N Francis

ESOL Teacher

Mathematics 240-740-2100

Mrs. Stephanie H Needham


Mrs. Carolee D Schreiner

Teacher/Investigations of Math (IM7)

Mr. Michael J Fitzpatrick

Applied IM & Investigations of Math (IM 7)

Mr. Arthur (Ben) B Leffler

Classroom Teacher/Math 6 & Investigations of Math (IM 6)

Mr. Derek C Manon

Algebra & Honors Geometry

Mr. David Roberts

Classroom Teacher/Algebra & Honors Geometry

Ms. Rebecca F Rothstein

Math 6

Ms. Amy J Watkins

Math Department Chair (Resource Teacher) Math 8 & Algebra

Media Center 240-740-2098

Mrs. Teresa M Kennedy

Media Assistant

Media Center 240-740-2098

Mrs. Nicolette K Woods

Media Specialist

Music 240-740-2100

Mr. Jason S McFeaters

Department Chair/Choral Music Teacher

Mr. Colin B Brown

General Music Teacher

Ms. Monica L Hepburn

Instrumental Music Teacher

Physical Education 240-740-2100

Mr. Stephen (Steve) Smiddy

Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Douglas (Doug) Bucci

Physical Education & Health Teacher

Ms. Emily A Reuter

Physical Education & Health Teacher/Athletic Coordinator

Ms. Tracy J Heyn

Health Teacher

Mrs. Lauren F Litzner

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mr. Alexandros D Tsironis

Teacher Resource-Arts/PE/Health/Tech.Ed.

Para Educators 240-740-2092

Mrs. Fabienne (Fabie) M Halary

Special Education Paraeducator

Mr. Brian A Spivey

Special Education Paraeducator

Ms. Amanda (Mandy) P Bolgiano

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Ms. Elizabeth (Pip) N Loughlin


Mrs. Joyce N Panetta

Paraeducator Spec Ed

PPW 240-740-2094

Mrs. Pilar Alfaro-Palacios

Pupil Personnel Worker

Psychologist - Cheree Price 240-630-2204

Reading 240-740-2100

Ms. Nicole Giorgio


Ms. Tirza Carmichael Collins

READ 180 Teacher

Science 240-740-2100

Ms. Susan (Sue) B Martin

Resource Teacher/6th Gr Team Leader

Mrs. Katherine B Connolly

Science 7 Teacher

Ms. Theresa A Aaron

Science 8 Teacher

Mr. Eric Elmer

Science 6 Teacher

Mrs. Tamilselvi Gopal

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mrs. Maria (Mia) K Lutchenkov


Miss Christina (Tina) N Montello

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mr. Daniel E Werbeck


Social Studies 240-740-2100

Mr. Eric J Kling

Resource Teacher/8th Gr Team Leader

Ms. Cambria M Conley

Social Studies Teacher Gr. 6

Mrs. Christina (Krysti) R Grace


Mrs. Sarada D Jasti Currie


Ms. Amanda E Kaiser

Team Leader-Middle School BD

Mrs. Megan G Kelley


Mr. Paul D Lutchenkov

Social Studies 7 Teacher

Mrs. Natacha (Tacha) D Steimer

Social Studies Teacher

Special Education 240-740-2090

Mrs. Gail V Samuels

Teacher, Spec Ed Resource

Mrs. Josefina C Galiano

6th Gr. Team Leader/Sp.Ed Teacher

Ms. Sarah E Henderson


Mrs. Monica L Nicolas


Mr. Jonathan W Chung

Mrs. Carla A Jurewicz

Special Education Teacher

Mr. Justin J Sabia

Teacher, Special Education

Mr. Eric Tin

Special Education Teacher

Speech 240-740-2090

SSL- C. Jurewicz 240-740-2100

Staff Development 240-740-2100

Mrs. Michelle L Ronan

Staff Development Teacher

Technology/Computer 240-740-2100

Ms. Pingping Chang

Technology Teacher

Ms. Paulette Paul-Phillips

Computer Apps Teacher

Ms. Paulette Paul-Phillips

TV Studio Teacher

World Languages 240-740-2100

Ms. Francesca Bonatesta

French Teacher

Miss Nicole M Puleo

Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Anna Dalmases Muntane

Spanish Teacher

Miss Hailey A Markos

Classroom Teacher Middle

Ms. Kristy G Myers

Teacher Resource

Ms. Michele B Ranaweera

Spanish Teacher

Special Education Support Staff

Dr. Tia McKinnon


Mrs. Gail Samuels

Resource Teacher

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