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Homework Club

Open to all three grade levels. Get help with your homework and assignments.

Dates and Times TBD



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Where can I get help with my homework?

  • Ask your teachers when you do not understand something. They are here to help you
  • Talk to your parents. Explain what you don't understand. Maybe they can help you or find someone who can, like a tutor or older sibling
  • Homework Hotline: 301-279-3234 or, Phone lines are open 4:30-6:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Watch Homework Hotline on channels 33, 35, or 88. The live show runs Oct. 7, 2008-Apr. 30, 2009.
  • KidInfo: This website provides parents and students with resources to successfully complete homework and master skills taught in the classroom.
  • Fact Monster A fun website to help students with their homework.
  • MCPS homework resources: Online sources available for home use. Ask your school library media specialist for user names and passwords