Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities at Newport Mill MS

The 2018-2019 Extracurricular Activities





Athletic Co-Director- Mrs. Shannon (Spencer) Harris 

Athletic Co-Director- Ms. Samantha Fean

After School Activity Coordinator- Ms. Beverly Wilson




  • Extracurricular activities end at 4:20 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. All students participating in extracurricular activities are expected to leave the building by 4:30 p.m.

Changes or Additions

Due to personal schedules and unexpected circumstances, changes to these activities could occur. We make every effort to continue to offer a variety of activities and recruit staff to sponsor activities throughout the year. At the time of this printing, some activities have not been finalized as staff determines availability for these activities. We appreciate your patience. We will update students as changes occur.


To ensure the success of extracurricular activities for every person involved, a few basic ground rules have been established.

  • All participants must remain in an extracurricular activity session through its entirety, unless dismissed early by a parent or approved guardian.
  • All students must come prepared with necessary materials for extracurricular activities.
  • Students may not participate in extracurricular activities on the same day they have been absent from school (in its entirety) unless they have documentation the absence was excused (i.e., doctor’s appointment, court summons, etc.).
  • Written permission slips must be completed prior to student participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Student transportation arrangement plans are the responsibility of the parent and student (busses will be provided to select stops). Students who are not picked up in a timely manner may be ineligible to participate in future extracurricular activities.
  • Cellular phones and other portable communication devices should remain off during the extracurricular activity.
  • Students must meet all financial and other obligations (i.e., E.C.A. fee, materials fees, Health Inventories, etc.) to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • All students must adhere to all NMMS and MCPS rules and regulations, and are further subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the aforementioned documents for infractions.
  • Have fun and be an active learner.


Students are supervised at all times while attending after-school activities. In addition to the after school activities coordinator, there is an administrator and security assistant at school during these activities. Students are only allowed to stay at school in a supervised activity. Sponsors of activities do take attendance and report the names to the coordinator. Students are escorted to the bus areas for dismissal.

Students that are not engaged in supervised activities are asked to leave the school premises.


Cancellations due to weather or other emergencies can occur without notice. Announcements are made to the students regarding these cancellations as soon as they are received. Students are encouraged to make arrangements or have a back-up plan in the case of such cancellations. If an inside activity such as homework club is available, students are encouraged to report to that location, but such activities are not always available. Students may not stay in the building in an unsupervised.

ECA Fees

What is the extracurricular activity (ECA) Fee?

The $30.00 annual fee supports adult-supervised, extracurricular activities, such as sports and clubs, for middle and high school students. Students who pay the fee are entitled to participate in one or more programs during the year. Although the Board of Education strongly believes students benefit from participation in extracurricular activities, these activities are voluntary.

Who pays the ECA fee?

All middle and high-school students who voluntarily participate in sports or clubs pay the ECA fee. Check with your school administration to determine what other activities require the ECA fee.

NOTE: Student may try out for sports teams before paying the fee. However, once they have been selected for a team or activity, the fee must be paid or their selection will be revoked. Paying the fee does not guarantee that a student will be selected for a team or activity, nor does is supersede academic eligibility requirements.

Who is exempt from the ECA fee?

Students who do not participate in extracurricular activities do not pay the fee. Students who take a course that requires participation in an extracurricular activity, such as a concert performance as a class requirement, do not pay the fee. Check with your school administration if you are unsure if an activity is exempt from the fee.

Am I eligible to pay a reduced ECA fee?

You may be eligible to pay a reduced fee of $15.00 if your gross family income is less than $35,000.

If you are eligible to pay a reduced fee, you MUST send written proof of income with your payment, such as a recent tax form, current pay statement, or letter from a family assistance agency. MCPS will NOT accept reduced fees without documentation. Do NOT send original documents, as we do not return them.

How do I pay the ECA fee?

Credit Card: Payments are accepted online at /departments/fms/payeca.shtm
Reduced ECA fees are not eligible for online credit card process.

Check: Make payable to MCPS and write student ID# on check or money order. Send payment and form directly to MCPS, ECA, 850 Hungerford Dr. Rm. 156, Rockville, MD 20850. Returned checks are subject to a $25.00 fee.

If you have any questions please call 301-517-5000