Information About Code Purple

Virtual Learning During Inclement Weather Information for Families 

School Year 2023-2024



Yes, there will still be snow days. However, MCPS also has a Code Purple Plan which would have students engaged in virtual instruction on a 2-hour delay schedule.

Transitioning to VIRTUAL LEARNING is considered when:

  • The event and its timing is predictable
  • Part of a multi-day inclement weather event (i.e. blizzard, ice storm, etc.)
  • When prior preparation and communication has taken place


If there is the possibility of a virtual synchronous instruction day:

  • A “Get Ready” announcement will be sent
  • The decision to offer virtual instruction in place of a traditional snow day will be announced by NOON on the day prior
  • Messages will be shared with students, staff, and families to remind them that it is a required school day 
  • Schools will share additional information about schedules, technology, and instruction

Schools will implement a virtual instruction two-hour delay bell schedule:

  • LIVE (synchronous) instruction
  • Attendance taken
  • Opportunities to make up missed work
  • Services and supports will be offered
  • NO district or state assessments
  • Maximize flexibility and fairness

Students will need access to a device for the live (synchronous) instruction on virtual instruction days. While schools do have Chromebooks and will help send them home if needed you can also ask for a Chromebook for at home use. 

Click here to request a Chromebook for at home student use if needed.         

(note:  devices requested will be delivered to the school for distribution to students and are to be kept at home and used in accordance with MCPS policy IGT-RA)


Code Purple Technology Support Resources


Students should ensure that they are able to log into their Chromebook and can access myMCPS Classroom and ZOOM from home BEFORE a virtual instruction day: