Emergency Reunification Information

Parent Reunification Plan 

Important Information:  The person coming to pick your child up MUST be listed on the parent reunification form.  If we do not have documentation giving the person permission to pick your child up, your child WILL NOT be released to that person. 
*Photo ID is needed when picking up your child*  

A staff member will meet parents at the carpool door and will direct parents to enter the APR through the stage. Parents will need to have their ID ready.  

Parents will need to line up at the table according to their child's last name.  

Monocacy staff will be at the tables to check parent IDs and have them sign out their child/ren.  

Parents will be given a yellow ticket with the name(s) of child/ren they are authorized to take home.  

Parents will then be directed to the chairs where they will wait for their child/ren.   

The reunification coordinator will give a list of students to be released to a Monocacy staff member.  The staff member will use the intercom phone to call students to the cafeteria for dismissal.  

Hallways are monitored as students are released from their classroom to the APR.  

Students should enter the APR through the door closest to the office.  

Once parents are united with their child/ren, they should exit the building through the door near the kitchen.  

This door will be monitored by a staff member and the parents should give the staff member their yellow ticket as they leave.  

Note: These procedures are set forth to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Thank you for your cooperation.