Third Grade Cub Club Partners with the Laytonsville Community to Serve Others- "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!"


Our 2017-2018 Third Grade Cub Club members  partnered with the Laytonsville Lions and the Laytonsville Volunteer Fire department to host a Blood Drive on October 3rd.  Students made posters to communicate the event and volunteered their time to serve snacks to community members who donated blood.  The drive was most successful as 59 generous people donated a total of 59 units.  Prior the drive, the students read about the importance of donating blood and why becoming involved in this event provided a much needed community service.  They also learned about blood types and how often they occur in the world's population.  During the event, students also collected money for hurricane relief.   By the end of the evening, $227.00 was collected !!!

We are proud of our students' efforts and their respectful behavior during the event.  A special thank-you is extended to our third grade teachers, Ms. Bensley, Ms. Hudson, and Mrs. O'Brien, and the Laytonsville Lions for embracing the vision that elementary school students can use their gifts and talents to serve others.  We'd also like to thank them for providing authentic  opportunities for our students to apply the skills they learn at home and school!   So, what's the next community project for our Cub Club?  Our students will soon once again partner with the Laytonsville Lions to clean and sort eyeglasses!

 2017-2018 LES Blood Drive 1    2017-2018 LES Blood Drive 2


2017-2018 LES Blood Drive 3    2017-2018 LES Blood Drive 4


2017-2018 LES Blood Drive 5    2017-2018 LES Blood Drive 6