Clubs and Activities

Bulldog Pals

Bulldog Pals is a peer buddy program where students from the general education classes volunteer their time at lunch, recess or dismissal to support students in our special education School Community Based (SCB) classes. This program is a “win-win situation” for all those involved. Our SCB students will learn new social and life skills while expanding friendships with their general education peers. General education students will enhance their social emotional learning by building relationships, developing social awareness, and applying leadership/role model skills. We believe that when students are provided meaningful opportunities to use their strengths to serve others, they experience a deepened sense of responsibility and purpose.

Safety Patrol

It’s an honor to be selected as a School Safety Patrol. Patrols are a very important part of our school. Patrols are trained to perform many duties. They help keep the students safe at bus stops, on buses, and in the school hallways. To be selected as a patrol, a student must fill out the required paper work and write an essay on why he/she wants to be a patrol. Staff members then make recommendations of students with good character to the patrol committee (made up of staff members). Finally, the bus routes and the buses the students ride are considered. It is important to have at least two patrols on a bus. We also try to spread out patrols at different bus stops as much as possible. Patrol meet with Officer Johnson (MCPD) once a month during recess time. The Patrol Sponsors are Mrs. Cherie Ward and Ms. Sarah Cooper.

The Green Team

The Green Team promotes Laytonsville’s efforts to save energy and recycle by raising awareness for environmental issues. Our energy monitors collect data and track when classes are turning lights on and off to save energy. Our recyclers collect paper and plastic for recycling to support our building service staff efforts. Green Team students are leaders in setting an example to promote awareness of environmental issues and their impact on our community. The Green Team Sponsor is Ms. Diane Hudson.

Student Government Association

The mission of the Laytonville Elementary School SGA is “to strive to build responsible leaders within our school community, who represent the voice of our students!” We focus on promoting values that represent good character in all students. The SGA is helps to organize school service learning projects such as food drives, sock drives, and other opportunities to support the community. This year, our students have also been developing a growth mindset, reading, math, and writing, as well as working on public speaking skills. We lead by example in our classrooms, and in the community, by being respectful and responsible.