Music Technology with Brent Daniels is coming to Laytonsville Elementary in October!

Brent Daniels is an award-winning composer, producer, sound designer and recording artist who uses the latest in music technology to sculpt sound and create music. Using a digital sampling keyboard workstation, master-level musicianship, and a blend of audience participation, high energy music, information and humor, Brent creates an exciting, one-of-a-kind performance that will capture the students’ imagination!

Music Technology with Brent Daniels shows students the important relationship between the technology they have in their classrooms and the creation of the music and sounds they hear on their iPods and on TV, in movies and video games. Student volunteers will participate in the program to help Brent create unique on-the-spot sounds and by the end of the show, an original song that will raise the roof!

There will be two back-to-back assemblies in the morning of Thursday, October 5 starting at 9:40AM (K-2nd) and 10:40AM (3rd-5th).