Hall of Fame Coordinator:
Ryan Harrigan


Kennedy High School is proud to acknowledge and honor our top students and staff who have made a positive impact on the local community and to provide role models for today's students in our Alumni Hall of Fame. It is our goal to have increased awareness and pride in Kennedy High School and our involvement in the community, past and present.

Nominations for the 2018-19 Hall of Fame closed November 15, 2018; The Hall of Fame committee is currently considering the nominees. If you would like to submit a nomination for 2019-20, you may access the online nomination form here .

Congratulations to the 2017-18 Hall of Fame Inductees!

— Thea LaFond '11, Olympian —
— Erik McMillan '83, retired player, National Football League —
— Curtis Pride '86, retired player, Major League Baseball —
— Eric Shuster '92, Director of Strategic Partnerships NBC Sports Washington —

JFK Hall of Fame Weekend was February 9-10, 2018.
Inductees were recognized at the February 9th varsity basketball games here at school, which was following on Saturday by the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and dinner, at Azucar Restaurant in Silver Spring. Many thanks to Mr. Harrigan and Mr. Vactor for all their hard work in pulling off this event.

Hall of Fame Committee

The committee will consist of seven adults:

The selection committee will assign the following tasks to variuos members (these roles are subject to change as needed by the committee):

  • Media Coordinator (Mr. Diallo Nelson): Communication with local media regarding JFKHS Hall of Fame
  • Creative Director and Research (Ms. Jennifer Lyons): Website maintenance and design, graphic design, nominee research
  • Banquet Coordinator (Mr. Aaron Vactor): Locating of restaurants and arranging dinners, including ticket sales
  • Secretary (Mr. Ryan Harrigan): Recording of minutes during meeting
  • Treasurer (Ms. Marjorie Bacon): Arrangement of all financial aspects of this project

Initially, the selection committee will be determined by the JFK Principal and the HOF Chairperson. There are no term limits. Members of the selection committee will serve on the committee until they no longer wish to do so, or until the Principal and the HOF Chairperson agree to remove an individual. After the initial selection committee is picked, the nomination of future members must be approved by the HOF chairperson, athletic director, and principal.

Selection Process

All former Kennedy students, staff members, and community supporters are eligible into the JFK Hall of Fame. A candidate is selected when five to seven selection committee members vote for induction. Selection criteria for each group is listed below:


  1. Superior accomplishments as a Kennedy student in athletics, academia, and/or extracurricular activities
  2. Must have graduated from Kennedy at least five years prior to the year of their nomination
  3. For athletes, continuing achievements at the collegiate, national, amateur, or professional levels; for non-athletic nominees, outstanding professional and/or community accomplishments
  4. Student will have exemplified characteristics of integrity and citizenship, before and after graduation


  1. Teachers, program coordinators, coaches, administrators, and support staff members are immediately eligible upon retirement
  2. Significant contributions made to the overall running of the school will be considered


  1. Significant contributions to Kennedy High School

Nomination Process

Candidates may be nominated at any time during the year. Nomination forms are available at the school and may be downloaded online. In order for the candidate to be considered, the form must be completely filled out.

Induction Process

  1. Induction ceremonies will take place during a Hall of Fame Weekend
  2. Candidates may be nominated at any time; however, candidates nominated after May 1st will be considered for the following year. Once a candidate is nominated, their nomination stays active for consideration each year unless removed by the committee
  3. The selection committee will meet between May 1st and June 15th of each year to select inductees, who will then be notified

Induction Honors

  • Halftime Ceremony: At halftime of the Friday night basketball game on the Hall of Fame Weekend, the inductees for that given year will be honored
  • Dinner/Luncheon: Each year, the JFK Hall of Fame will have an awards dinner at a local establishment to which each inductee and their family and friends are invited. At this event, inductees will be acknowledged and given a commemorative plaque in their honor.
  • JFK Hall of Fame Awards Showcase: All inductee plaques will be placed in an awards case by the main entrance of the school