Social Studies 

JFK students will be engaged in rigorous, accessible, relevant, and inclusive social studies inquiry that utilizes primary sources--including multiple perspectives from historically marginalized voices--to develop their capacity to think critically, read closely, communicate clearly, and take action to improve their community, country, and world.


  • Honors U.S. History
  • Honors NSL Government
  • Honors Modern World History
  • AP Government
  • AP U.S. History
  • AP World
  • AP Psychology 
  • IB History 1 and 2
  • IB Social Anthropology (SL course)
  • IB Social and Cultural Anthropology (HL course)
  • IB Economics
  • IB Global Politics
  • Latin American History
  • Women Studies
  • African American Studies
  • International Human Rights
  • Law
  • APIDA Studies
  • Personal Finance

Social Studies Staff