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Students may borrow books from the Media Center throughout the school year. Students are responsible for any materials they check out and must return materials to the Media Center by the due date. If a student returns a book damaged, he or she must pay for the book.


Kindergarten through fifth grade students will come to the Media Center with their classes for book checkout. Students may also come before school or, with permission of their teacher, during the school day to check out books.

Kindergarten and first graders may check out one book at a time. Second graders may check out two books. Third, fourth, and fifth graders may check out three books.

Students must take a shelf marker and use it when selecting books.

Loan Period

Books are due back to the Media Center two weeks after they are checked out. The due date is stamped on the back of the book. Students may return books early, however, and check out a new book!

Overdue Books

When books are kept beyond their due date, they are overdue. If a student has any overdue books, he or she may not check out any more books until the overdue books are either returned or paid for. Students will receive notices of their overdue books.

Students who have not turned in all books or paid for lost/damaged books by the end of the school year will not receive report cards.

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