Jackson Road ES Patrol

JRES Safety Patrols Strive to:

  • Protect children from automobile accidents while they are on their way to and from school.
  • Help children develop sound habits in the use of streets.
  • Foster qualities of leadership and good citizenship.


The Monthly Reminders are

  1. Look, act, and be alert.
  2. Report for duty on time.
  3. Always set a good example. Know and practice safe walking rules.
  4. Never stop cars.
  5. Perform your duties faithfully.
  6. Be neat and clean while on duty.
  7. Be dependable and trustworthy.
  8. Be courteous and polite at all times. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  9. Wear your belt and badge proudly.
  10. Remind schoolmates of safe walking rules without being “bossy”.
  11. Give correct crossing signals to classmates.
  12. Obey the rules of the Patrol, School, and Home.
  13. The three main functions of a Safety Patrol are to: Instruct, Direct, & Control.
  14. I will not stand or walk on the bus when it is moving.


The Patrol Pledge:

I promise to do my best to:

  • Report for duty on time.
  • Perform my duties faithfully.
  •  Strive to prevent accidents, always setting a good example myself.
  • Obey my teachers and officers of the patrol.
  •  Report dangerous student practices.
  •  Strive to earn the respect of fellow students

Please remember to listen to the announcements to hear about patrol meetings.