FHRM Students Operate Falls Road Golf Course Bistro for Extravagant 4 Course Meal

Rockville, MD- On Friday February 3, 2023, students from the Montgomery County Public Schools’ Foundation for Hospitality and Restaurant Management (FHRM) and local business partners hosted and operated a formal pop-up dinner event at the Falls Road Golf Course Bistro. FHRM leaders donated their time and expertise before and during the event to support Hospitality and Restaurant students from Sherwood and Seneca Valley High Schools in their endeavors to provide MCPS students with authentic hospitality and restaurant experiences.


The pop-up experience was utilized as a fundraiser for FHRM. In partnership with the Falls Road Golf Course Bistro and the Montgomery County Revenue Authority, MCPS students created an impressive experience for all in attendance. Prior to the event, CAVA restaurant owners Ted Xenohristos and Dimitri Moshovitis went to Sherwood High School to help students plan, create, and execute an intricate four course meal. Jana Anderson, Professor with Montgomery College, worked with Seneca Valley students to create the perfect ambience and ensure students were hospitable, eager, and able to serve their clientele. Alan Squier, owner of Squier Associates, supported the endeavor through the donation of rented linens, china, table settings, and serving pieces. Additionally, Lizz Durante of Payroll Network helped to publicize and market the fundraising event.


FHRM Executive Vice President Steve Boden attended the event. “The experience from start to finish was impeccable. All students who participated, in the front of the house or the heart of the kitchen, created a welcoming, professional atmosphere with cuisine that was beyond the expectation of many in attendance. This is the first community experience for the FHRM organization and it is a true testament to what can be accomplished through the incredible partnership between MCPS and hospitality leaders.”


In addition to the direct hands-on support provided by CAVA and MC, FHRM was fortunate to have additional support from Marriott, Mamma Lucia Restaurants, Acme Paper & Supply, the Federal Insurance Federation, Shulman Rogers, and Perfect Settings.

Front of house: Serving a great attitude and stellar cuisine to the guests.


Heart of house: Creating a gourmet experience for the guests to enjoy.