What is FHRM?

Montgomery County Student’s Foundation for Hospitality and Restaurant Management (Foundation) serves as an advisory board, to Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), of industry professionals, post-secondary educators and community partners focused on providing the skills that students need for management and entrepreneurial opportunities in hospitality, lodging, culinary arts, food and beverage, tourism and travel. 

The Foundation leverages its industry members’ first-hand knowledge and business acumen to provide MCPS strategic advice, encourage public/private collaboration, advocate for research and tracking of program and student outcomes as well as to guide educators and school leaders throughout the entire county on current trends in the industry. 

The Foundation’s core values and guiding principles are motivated by the industry’s vision. The Board members strive to foster a better world through real world experiences, purposeful education and to do so with integrity, collaboration, guidance and an inclusive approach that embraces all. 


To open the door of possibilities for students, teachers and families that lead to post-secondary education, career preparedness and entrepreneurial opportunities in the hospitality industry. The vision is for each student to develop into a citizen who is optimistic about their own individual abilities, self-motivated, career-ready, self-reliant, and possess decision-making skills needed for an enriching life. 


To attract future leaders for the Hospitality Industry and help develop their sense of adventure while channeling those interests into college and career exploration. The Foundation focuses on promoting a vast array of career opportunities in the Hospitality Industry and contributes to the success of students, the industry, and the County through partnerships, education, and innovation. 

Core Values:

To offer the best guidance for career exploration. Every student should be encouraged to explore careers and build skills necessary for life. There is no greater cause than the nurturing and development of young people and industry has the responsibility of providing direction in their journey and ensuring relevance in their learning experiences.