Safety Patrols

school safety patrol 

The School Safety Patrol Pledge 

I promise to do my best to ... 

report for duty on time, perform my duties faithfully,
strive to prevent accidents, always setting a good example myself,
obey my teachers and officers of the patrol,
report dangerous student practices,
strive to earn the respect of fellow students.


school zone 


 Safety Patrol Reminders

  1. Look, act and be alert
  2. Report for duty on time
  3. Always set a good example, know and practice safe walking rules
  4. Never stop cars!
  5. Perform your patrol duties faithfully
  6. Be neat and clean while on duty
  7. Be dependable and trustworthy
  8. Be courteous and polite at all times, treat others as you would like to be treated
  9. Wear you belt and badge proudly
  10. Remind students of safe walking rules without being "BOSSY"
  11. Give correct crossing signals to classmates
  12. Obey rules of the patrol, school and home
  13. The three main functions of a patrol are:
    (A) Instruct
    (B) Direct
    (C) Control
  14. Do not stand or walk on the bus while it is in motion

Safety Patrol Criteria: Are you willing and capable of performing the following duties?

  1. Being alertsafety patrol badge
  2. Reporting for duty on time
  3. Learning and practicing safe walking rules
  4. Performing your duties faithfully
  5. Being neat and clean while on duty
  6. Being dependable and trustworthy
  7. Being courteous and polite
  8. Being cooperative
  9. Give directions without being bossy
  10. Learn to give correct crossing signals to classmates
  11. Obey rules of the patrol, school, community and home

Safety Patrols are lead by Mr. Dorfman, our physical education teacher, and are chosen from the 5th grade student body.

4th grade students will have the opportunity to go through the patrol selection process just after Spring Break.  We will have a meeting in the gym during recess to explain the process.

Patrol Leadership Camp 

The School Safety Unit of the Traffic Division of the Montgomery County Department of Police offers a week long overnight Leadership Camp. The purpose of the school safety patrol camp is twofold: 1) to have fun in the camp environment by making friends and enjoying the activities provided, and 2) to become trained in the proper techniques needed to become a good safety patrol.  

The camp is located in Emmitsburg, MD and the cost is $325.00. Online registration starts on March 16, 2020.

Campers will learn the various responsibilities of being an effective safety patrol, they will also learn leadership skills, teamwork, traffic safety awareness and how to be a positive role model.  This camp teaches a variety of safety skills and character building experiences for any interested rising 5th grader. 

For more information visit the School Safety Patrol Leadership Camp website.