The Germantown Elementary School newsletter, The Patriot, is published by the PTA and sent home with students every month during the school year. Since November 2016, The Patriot is available only through the GES website and the GES PTA smartphone app (Hard copies are available in the front office on request). The goal is to keep you abreast of upcoming events and important notices from the school. It will be posted to this site as it becomes available during the school year. 

The Patriot

Summer:  Summer PTA Newsletter

2018 - 2019 (Volume 9)

Issue 1: September 2018 Newsletter 

Issue 2: October 2018 Newsletter

Issue 3: November 2018 Newsletter

Issue 4: December 2018 Newsletter

Issue 5: January 2019 Newsletter

Issue 6: February 2019 Newsletter

Issue 7: March 2019 Newsletter

Issue 8: April 2019 Newsletter

Issue 9: June 2019 Newsletter