Counseling Program



Galway Elementary School Counseling Office will empower students to be socially and emotionally ready as valued, productive members of society.


The mission of Galway E.S. school counseling program aligns with the school mission which is: the staff, students, and families of Galway Elementary School will be contributing members of a learning community that focuses on rigorous and relevant instructional experiences. The school counselors, as professional school advocates, will provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program to address the academic, career, and personal/social needs of all students. In unison with the students, staff, parents, and community members, the school counselors will facilitate a positive, supportive, and culturally sensitive program that will ensure a school community that is safe, healthy, and nurturing environment.


Counseling Services 


Individual Counseling

Assisting students who may need help overcoming social/emotional needs that impact learning.

Group Counseling

A support group for students who share a common concern. Parent permission is required to participate.

Classroom Guidance

Lessons provided through whole group instruction to assist students in building relationships with their peers.


How can a student see the school counselor? 

Student self-referral

Staff referral

Parent referral



The rules of confidentiality for counselors are very different from those of teachers. Confidentiality is important to maintain a trusting relationship with students.  Students are told that what they tell Mrs. Rakhi or Dr. Ham will be kept confidential unless someone is in danger. Only then will Mrs. Rakhi or Dr. Ham will tell someone to make sure they are safe and healthy. Information is never disclosed to other staff members, parents, or students unless permission is granted. If a student discloses information deemed crucial to a child's safety or well-being, the student is informed that his/her parents must be notified. 

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