Welcome to Galway Elementary School 


 Office hours: 8:30 am-4:30 pm School Day: 9:25 am -3:50 pm Doors Open:  9:10 am (students)  

Breakfast: 9:10 am -9:25 am  Early release: 1:20 pm | Delay: 11:10 (doors) 11:25 (instruction)                                

 PrincipalDorothea Fuller      Assistant PrincipalNichola Wallen 


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February 3rd through March 31st 


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Kids Heart Challenge Extended

Kids Heart Challenge Logo Galway will be participating in the Kids Heart Challenge to raise funds for the American Heart Association to help kids with special hearts. Students will learn about taking care of their hearts and they will participate in cardio-pumping activities. The event will take place during your child’s regularly scheduled Physical Education class the week of February 10th – 14th. If you are interested in donating online please click here 








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