Physical Education/Health at Gaithersburg MS

Physical Education and Health Education

All students will participate in three marking periods of physical education and one section of Health Education.  Additionally, all students may participate in the middle school intramural program which is an extension of the regular physical education instructional program.  At Gaithersburg Middle School, this program is held after school.  The intramural program involves only Gaithersburg Middle School students and does not involve competitions against other schools.  


Physical education instruction will be conducted outdoors as long as the wind chill factor is above 32 degrees.  When the wind chill factor is 32 degrees or lower, physical education instruction will be conducted indoors. 

The only exception to this policy is instruction related to the Polar Bear Unit.  Students who have voluntarily registered for the Polar Bear Unit will receive outdoor instruction as long as the wind chill factor is above 25 degrees.  When the wind chill factor is 25 degrees or lower, the Polar Bear Unit will be conducted indoors.  

Physical Education and Health Department Teachers

Physical Education Course Syllabus 

Physical Education Course Description Middle school physical education instruction focuses on standards-based content that has been categorized into three measurement topics: health-related fitness, movement skills and concepts, and personal and social responsibility.

Physical Education Units of Study
Net/Wall Games – Activities may include badminton, pickleball, table tennis, tennis, volleyball
Invasion Games – Activities may include basketball, field hockey, hockey (floor/street), football (flag/touch), lacrosse, rugby, soccer, speedball, team handball, ultimate
Striking/Fielding Games – Activities may include cricket, softball
Target Games – Activities may include archery, bocce, bowling, croquet, Frisbee golf, golf, horseshoes
Personal Fitness – Activities may include cross country, gymnastics and tumbling, resistance training/functional fitness, swimming, track and field, wrestling

Physical Education Grading Categories
All Tasks/Assessments – 80%
District/School Required Assessment – 10%
Homework for Practice/Prep – 10%

Physical Education Suggested Materials
In order to physically participate in class, students must change out of their school clothes and be dressed appropriately.   
Crewneck t-shirt, MUST BE GREY IN COLOR or GMS Gear
Sweatshirt, MUST BE GREY IN COLOR or GMS Gear
Athletic shorts, MUST BE BLACK IN COLOR or GMS Gear
Sweatpants, MUST BE BLACK IN COLOR or GMS Gear
A section for Physical Education/Health within your binder

Gaithersburg physical education uniforms are available for purchase BEFORE school.  Purchasing a uniform from the school is not mandatory.  Students may bring a grey crewneck t-shirt, grey sweatshirt, black athletic shorts, black sweatpants or GMS Gear from home to wear for class. 

Short Term Illness or Injury The Physical Education Physician Contact Form is required for students who will miss more than five days of physical education class due to illness or injury.  Failure to return the form can result in failure of the course and/or loss of the physical education credit.  If your child has a short term illness or injury, complete this form and turn it into the GMS Health Room. 

Health Education

Students will take a nine-week health course in grades 6, 7, and 8.  The goal of health education is to emphasize lifelong positive health related attitudes and behaviors.  Life skills emphasized throughout the program include goal-setting; decision-making; identifying beliefs, attitudes, and motivations; assessing information; and advocacy for personal, family and community health.   

Units of study will include the following:




Mental Health

6 & 7


Communication Skills


Goal Setting

Stress Management

Resistance to Pressure

Critical Thinking


Tobacco, Alcohol and other Drugs

6, 7, & 8

Personal and Consumer Health

6, 7, & 8

Nutrition and Fitness


Safety and Injury Prevention

6 & 8

Family Life and Human Sexuality

7 & 8

Disease Prevention and Control


 Student Expectations
Arrive prepared to learn – A binder, folder, and pencil is necessary to learn daily.
Expect your best – Complete all in class and homework activities
Be on time – To class every day.


Academic grades will reflect individual student achievement based on the Health Education Objectives.  All Tasks and Assignments have a value of 80%, “District” or School-Required Assessments have a value of 10%, and homework/practice prep account for 10% of the total grade. 

Formative: Students will receive formative grades to assess indicators throughout each unit. 

Summative: Students will receive summative grades on tests, and projects at the end of each unit.

Homework/Practice Prep: Students will receive homework/practice prep. grades on projects or assignments completed at school and home.

Learning Skills are assessed based on assignment completion and participation

Participation reflects how consistently a student engages in learning

Completion reflects how consistently and timely a student completes and submits assignments.

C = Consistently

O = Often

S = Sometimes

R= Rarely

Re-teaching and reassessment:

Reassessment opportunities will be identified by the instructor before the original task/assessment and occur within an instructional unit.  Only one reassessment is offered per task/assessment.

When reassessment is offered, all students may be reassessed, regardless of grade on original task/assignment, if they meet the following requirements: 1) complete the original task or assessment, 2) Complete required assignments and 3) complete the re-teaching/relearning activities.

The reassessment grade replaces the original grade.

The end of the unit assessment cannot be retaken.

Late Work and Missing Work:

Each assignment will have a due date.  This is the date by which the assignment is to be submitted. The grade will drop by one letter if the assignment is not turned in by the due date.

Each assignment will have a deadline (that may or may not be the same as the due date).  Work not attempted or submitted by the deadline will be recorded as a zero.

A student who makes no attempt to do the work or submit it by the deadline will be assigned a zero.

A student who attempts to do the work receives a 50%.


All work must be made up when a student is absent.  Any assignments previously announced will be due on the day the student returns to class.  You are responsible for all work and instruction missed.  A “Z” will be recorded in the grade book if an assignment was missed and needs to be made-up.