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My name is Rebecca Kotok and I am thrilled to be the Elementary School Counselor at Fallsmead Elementary School. My goal is to help all students succeed in school. This can be hard when students are facing emotional, social, or academic challenges. I am here to help teachers, children, and families identify, address, and mitigate these challenges so that all students can thrive academically and socially. Throughout the year, the Fallsmead comprehensive counseling program includes:


Classroom Guidance and Classroom Meetings
I visit each classroom twice a month to facilitate discussions and activities. Topics sometimes include expressing feelings, managing conflicts, and developing perseverance.

Individual and Small Group Counseling
Short-term individual and small group counseling may cover topics such as grief, anger management, or conflict resolution. Referrals to the counseling office are initiated based on student, teacher, or parent concerns.

Lunch Bunches

Lunch Bunches are a fun way for me to get to know the students in an informal setting.

  School-wide Programs

This year, our students will focus on making healthy choices during our “Red Ribbon Week” in the fall. In the spring, we will explore careers leading up to Career Day. Stay tuned for more information!

Several times a year, I will post a newsletter updating parents on the latest news from the counseling department. Parents are also encouraged to contact me with any questions or concerns that they may have about the psychosocial development of their children. 

I look forward to working with all Fallsmead families. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 301-279-4984.




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