About Our School

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

To challenge all students to be scholars and leaders who achieve at high levels academically, creatively, socially, and emotionally by:

  • building strong relationships
  • creating a safe and supportive learning environment
  • providing engaging and innovative instruction

Vision Statement:

To empower students, staff, and parents to be lifelong learners who are productive citizens.


Meet Dr. Charles R. Drew


Dr. DrewA pioneer in blood research, Dr. Charles R. Drew was an outstanding athlete, starring in football and track at Dunbar High School and at Amherst College. He became an all-time leading scorer in intercollegiate track while attending McGill Medical College. He was also an excellent student, and after graduating at the head of his medical class in 1933, he went on to receive a Doctor of Science in Medicine degree.

Blood research and surgery were Dr. Drew's specialties as a scientist. In 1940, he organized the massive Blood for Britain project, in which blood plasma (the fluid part of blood often used as a substitute for whole blood during transfusions) was collected to aid the wounded in World War II. The following year, he became assistant director of the American Red Cross national program for blood procurement. Countless lives were saved thanks to Dr. Drew's efforts.

In 1941, Dr. Drew was named professor of surgery at Howard University and was appointed chief surgeon at its teaching and clinical facility, Freedmen's Hospital. There he trained the majority of America's first generation of black surgeons; maintaining that, if we take care of education, race will take care of itself. Dr. Drew succeeded in each phase of his life being an outstanding example of black American achievement.

Dr. Drew was married to the late Minnie Lenore Robbins. He had four children: Roberta, Charles Jr., Rhea and Charlene (Drew) Jarvis.