Second Grade

Mrs. Hurney, Mrs. LaClair


 The 2nd grade classes retold a traditional story (folktale) by changing the setting and the details that relate to the setting. In the Media Center, they researched various folktales, researched ecosystems, recorded notes, and citations for their sources. They used both print books and online databases. In their classrooms, they wrote their new versions of a traditional story. Then they created a slideshow of their folktale using Photostory. They created a title slide, uploaded an original illustration, and recorded themselves reading their story.


Mrs. LaClair's Class

Goldilocks and the Three Gila Monsters by Aaron R. The Toucans and the Three Snakes by Addison C. The Three Little Eagles and the Big Bad Hawk by Aidan B. The Three Little Monkeys and the Big Bad Jaguar by Ava B. The Three Little Clownfish and the Big Bad Hammerhead Shark by Aydin A. The Little White Girl and the Little Porcupine by Bella L.
The Three Little Polar Bears and the Big Bad Penguin by Ben B. The Three Little Minnows and the Big Bad Betafish by Ciella P. The Three Little Pythons and the Big Bad Coyote by Connor Ba. The Elf and the Reindeer by Connor Bu. The Gingerbread Bear by Dustin M. The Gingerbread Lizard by Eleanor J.
The Three Little Groupers and the Big Bad Spider Crab by Finn C. The Three Little Shrimp and the Big Bad Great White by Grady Y. The Gingerbread Monkey by Griffin W. The Three Blad Eagles and the Big Bad Red Fox by Kate B. The Three Little Deer by Kate K. The Three Little Camels and the Big Bad Road Runner by Lila P.
The Three Little Penguins by Matthew O.
The Three Little Toads and the Big Bad Road Runner by Mia G. The Bald Eagle by Tahreem H. The Gingerbread Camel by Tristan S. Goldilocks and the Three Leopards by Vaughn P. Sillylocks and the Three Polar Bears by Tristan A.

 The Little Goldfish and the Big Bad Sand Shark by Layla D.




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