What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS), is a school-wide program designed to create a safe and positive learning environment. It is a process for teaching children appropriate behavior and provides the supports necessary to maintain that behavior.

Behavior Expectations:

The school-wide behavior expectations are Act Safely, Be Respectful, and Commit to Learning. These expectations are also known as Clopper Mill’s ABCs. There are posters throughout the building explaining how to follow these expectations. For example, the ABC expectations that should be demonstrated in all settings looks like:



Paw Prints and Dojo Points:

When students are caught demonstrating their ABCs they may be rewarded with a Paw Print or Dojo Point. A teacher or staff member will distribute the paw print along with specific praise for the student’s behavior; actions are positive reinforcements for the students behavior. Students can use their Paw Prints/Dojo Points to “buy” prizes or “Cougar Coupons” from their teacher.

Brownie Points:

When a class is caught demonstrating their ABCs they may be rewarded with a Brownie Point. A teacher or staff member will distribute the Brownie Point along with specific praise for the class’s behavior. Each classroom sets an individual goal, and when they make the goal, the class earns a reward. For example, if a class earns ten brownie points, then they get 15 minutes of preferred activity time.


When students consistently demonstrate their ABCs they may earn ABC MVP. Every month classroom teachers recognize a student who does an exceptional job showing their ABC’s at school. This student gets to invite a parent or teacher to attend a special lunch where they get to sit on the stage and get a special treat.

Character Counts and Hands Up Awards:

CHARACTER COUNTS! (CCI) is a framework that focuses on character development by infusing six core ethical and performance values and traits into PBIS. It provides practical strategies and tools; as well as, helping to foster a positive school climate. A new character trait is taught every six weeks. During that time, teachers look for students that are modeling the focus trait regularly, and at the end of the six weeks, teachers nominate a student that has done an exceptional job modeling the character trait. That student receives a certificate and gets to add their handprint to the front of the school!

Additional Information:

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