Frequently Asked Questions

What are the regular school hours?

  • 9:25am - 3:50pm Grades K-5, Full day PreK, and Headstart
  • 9:25am - 12:00 for Morning PreK
  • 1:15pm - 3:50pm for Afternoon PreK

What are the hours when it is an early release day?

Early release time is 1:20 for 1st through 5th grades, full-day PreK, and Headstart.

Check the schedule for half-day PreK.

What do I do if my child will be absent for the school day?

Click on the "Report a Student Absence" tab on the Clopper Mill website. ~ OR ~ Call the school (301-353-8065) between 8:30 and 9:00am to report the child's name, teacher and reason for the absence.

If I know my child will be absent in advance, what do I do?

Write the teacher a note the day before the absence.

When my child returns to school after an absence, what do I do?

The child must return with a note explaining the absence. The dates and your signature are required. The note is to be given to the teacher. A not must explain everyday of absence or the child will be marked with an unexcused absence.

How do I take my child out of school early?

Send a note with your child to state that you will pick them up early. When the time arrives, the parent reports to the office and the child will be called out of class to leave.

What do I do if my child is late for school?

The child is late if he/she arrives after 9:25am. The parent is to bring the child(ren) into the office and sign them in.

What do I do if my child wants to go home with a friend after school?

A note from the parent must be sent to the homeroom teacher concerning any change in the child's routine, such as taking a different bus home or staying after school for supervised activities.

What time is breakfast served and how much does it cost?

Breakfast is served at 9:15 in the classrooms to all students.

What time is lunch served?

  • Kindergarten- 12:00
  • 1st grade- 11:30
  • 2nd grade- 12:55
  • 3rd grade- 11:45
  • 4th grade- 11:05
  • 5th grade- 12:20

How much does lunch cost?

$2.25 for lunch including milk. Milk alone is $.50, reduced lunch is $.40

If my child forgets his/her lunch, what do I do?

Bring in a lunch to the office and it will be sent to your child OR your child will be given a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk. No money is loaned for lunches.

Can I pay for lunch in advance?

Yes. The cafeteria has a computerized cash register system. You can pay in advance by sending a check made out to "Clopper Mill E.S. Cafeteria" with the child's full name on the check. The least amount recommented is $10.00 for a child who receives a reduced-priced lunch and $30.00 for full price lunches. The cost of the meal is deducted automatically from the computer. 

Can I write one for all my children for lunch?

Yes. write the complete (first and last) name on the check you send.

Can my children ride his/her own bike to school?

Yes, if the child is Grade 4 and above. If, not then written permission is needed. The bike must be locked and cannot be used during school hours.

What do I do if the bus doesn't come to pick up my child?

Any problems with the bus, the bus stop or the driver should be reported to the Division of Transportation at 301-601-0331. Call the school to tell them the bus is late and the number.

If my child's bus is routinely late, who should I call to complain?

Call the Division of Transportation at 301-601-0331.

Can I use the circle drive to drop off my child?

Only before 8:30am and after 4:00pm. No parking is allowed in the cicle driveway at any time. The driveway in front of the school is closed during school hours because it is reserved for school buses and fire equipment.

How can I volunteer at the school?

Contact the PTA by looking at the "PTA" link on the Clopper Mill website!

How do I contact my child's teacher if I have a question?

Parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled for each child during the first semester. At any other time, a parent can write a note to the teacher or call the school (301-353-8065) to set up a conference on the phone or in person. The conference needs to be set up in advance with the teacher.