PBIS at Clopper Mill



Do you know your ABC's? 


What is PBIS?

PBIS, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, is a school-wide program designed to create a safe and positive learning environment.  It is a process for teaching children appropriate behavior and providing the supports necessary to maintain that behavior.

Behavior Expectations:

The school-wide behavior expectations are Act Safely, Be Respectful, and Commit to Learning.  These expectations are also known as Clopper Mill’s ABCs.  There are posters throughout the building explaining how to follow these expectations.  For example the ABC expectations in the classroom look like:


Act Safely

Be Respectful

Commit to Learning

Classroom Setting

-  Stay in your space

-  Walk at all times

-  Use Materials Properly

-  Use appropriate language

-  Raise your hand

-  Use an inside voice

-  Help and share with others

-  Listen and learn from others

-  Listen to your teacher and classmates

-  Give your best effort

-  Complete your tasks

-  Participate

-  Be prepared

-  Ask for help and give help

-  Leave toys at home


 Cougar Cash:

When students are caught demonstrating their ABCs they may be rewarded with Cougar Cash.  A teacher or staff member will distribute the cash along with specific praise for the student’s behavior. The Cougar Cash and praise are positive reinforcements for their good behavior.  Students can use their cash to “buy” prizes from their teacher, a chance to enter into the Plinko raffle, or buy special privileges such as lunch with a staff member.

Plinko is something special at Clopper Mill.  Once a month the PBIS team brings the Plinko Board to the CMES cafeteria.  Students can buy a chance to play by using their Cougar Cash.  If their name is called, the student comes up on stage and has a chance to play and win a prize.

Peace Days:

Clopper Mill Students work together to earn Peace Days.  A Peace Day is earned when all students have demonstrated their ABCs and there were no office referrals for disciplinary purposes.  When students earn a certain number of Peace Days, we have a school-wide Peace Day celebration!

Student of the Month:

Once a month teachers and staff have the opportunity to nominate Cougars of the Month!  Students who consistently demonstrate their ABCs are recognized as Cougars of the Month and are honored on our front bulletin board.

Additional Information:

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