Staff Directory print

Principal 240-406-1600

Ms. Somer Snider


Assistant Principal 240-406-1600

Mr. Casey H Siddons

Assistant Principal & 8th Grade Administrator

Mr. Andrew K Lee (Andy)

Assistant Principal & 6th Grade Administrator

Ms. Jennifer S Wingate

Assistant School Administrator & 7th Grade Administrator

Main Office 240-406-1600

Mrs. Shuana L Williams-Bartley

School Administrative Secretary

Ms. Liang Sun

School Secretary II 10 Month

Attendance Office 240-406-1599

Ms. Jordan Murek

Attendance Secretary

Academic Support Center 240-406-1600

Mrs. Deborah J Herring

Special Education Content Specialist

Ms. Tanesha C Armstrong

School Community Based Program

Mrs. Neetu Arora

Learning for Independence Program

Mrs. Tracy R Berman

LAD/Resource Program

Mrs. Qing Cheng

School Community Based Program

Ms. Jinhuan Cui

Paraeducator Spec Ed Itin

Mrs. Dana R Feldman

Team Leader Grade 6 and LAD Resource 6

Mr. Curtis Finnegan

LAD Resource 8

Mr. Peter E Graves

Learning for Independence Program

Mr. Webster E Gray

LAD Resource 7 & 8

Mr. Felix Gutierrez

School Community Based Program

Ms. Jasmine D Hagins

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Ms. Genesis Hagins

Paraeducator, Spec Ed

Mrs. Ellen A Jones

Learning for Independence Program Teacher

Mr. Linn Kanon

LAD/Resource 7

Mrs. Carol S Kasunic

Learning for Independence Program

Mrs. Yeonjung Kim

Learning for Independence Program

Ms. Marianna N Liontiris

Paraeducator Spec Ed Itin

Mrs. Lindsay R Maines

School Community Based Program Teacher

Mrs. Anna Martini


Mrs. Kehinde O Obadina

LAD/Resource 6 and 7

Mrs. Claudia I Rabie

Learning for Independence Program Teacher

Ms. Brenda Lyn C Rodrigo

School Community Based Program Teacher

Mrs. Jennifer M Sanes

School Community Based Program Teacher

Ms. Mary E Schwaiger

Learning for Independence Program Teacher

Ms. Jong Sun Son

Paraeducator Spec Ed Itin

Ms. Carol A Tanck


Ms. Jordan A Thompson

Learning for Independence Program

Building Services Office 240-406-1575

Ms. Allison Magruder

Building Service Manager

Mr. Kenneth E Grimmett

Building Service Asst Mgr

Mrs. Martha L Cruz

Building Service Worker

Ms. Brenda M Diaz Fuentes

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mrs. Brenda S King

Building Service Worker

Mr. Mario A Paz

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Counseling Office 240-406-1560

Mrs. Jennifer A Poole

Resource Counselor Grades 6,7,8 Last Names W-Z

Mrs. Tamara A Hardy

Secretary II

Mrs. Melissa S Keller

Counselor Grade 6 A-V

Ms. Pamela Z Pun

Counselor Grade 8 A-V

Mr. Cecil T Thompson (Joe)

Counselor Grade 7 A-V

Financial Specialist 240-406-1558

Mrs. Maggie H Tung

School Financial Specialist

Food Services Office 240-406-1578

Mrs. Yanmin Tang (Miya)

Cafeteria Manager IV

Ms. Nasima Ahmed

Cafeteria Worker

Ms. Ingrid L Martinez

Cafeteria Worker I

Mrs. Devika N Weerasinghe (Malli)

Cafeteria Worker

Health Room 240-406-1570

Security Office 240-406-1577

Ms. Caroline B Brodie

Security Assistant

Mr. David B Wilson

Security Assistant

Art 240-406-1600

Mrs. Sonia D'Agnese

Art Teacher


English/Reading 240-406-1600

Mrs. Kelley S Knox

Literacy Content Specialist

Mr. Zachary T Brandt

English 7/8 and Team Leader 7/8

Mrs. Michelle M Foster

English 6 and US History 8

Mr. Todd C Jones-Prettyman

English 7 & 8

Mrs. Michelle Kay

English 6

Ms. Nancy K Larrain

English 6 & Innovative Technology Solutions

Mr. Zachary M Morris

English 7 and Team Leader 7

Mr. Adrian R Unger

English 8 and Yearbook

English Language Development 240-406-1600

Ms. Joanne P D'Souza

ELD Teacher


Mathematics 240-406-1600

Mr. Christopher M Pichola

Math Content Specialist & Algebra/Geometry

Mrs. Kate L Dowell

Algebra & Honors Geometry

Mr. Rae Sung Kim

Algebra & Algebra Plus

Mrs. Alexis W Lasek

Algebra & AMP 7

Mrs. Katy A Litzinger

AMP 6, Math 180 & Team Leader 6

Mrs. Laura E Schrader

AMP 7 & Related Studies 7

Mrs. Lisa A Weston

AMP 6 & AMP 7

Media Center 240-406-1583

Dr. Sheri A Massey

Library Media Specialist

Ms. Jin-Ru Lin

Media Assistant

Music 240-406-1600

Mrs. Min Y Nam

Choral Music

Ms. Michelle Roberts

Instrumental Teacher

Physical Education 240-406-1600

Mr. David C Gentzel

PE/Health Content Specialist

Mr. David J Blumenthal

Physical Education/Health

Mrs. Cynthia B Copeland

Physical Education/Health

Mr. Jeff Fritz

Physical Education/Health

Mr. Christopher C Grier

Physical Education/Health

Mr. Bruno M Tejo

Physical Education/Health & Adapted PE

Science 240-406-1600

Ms. Kamini K Kumar

Science Content Specialist, Science 7 & AMP 6

Mr. Todd E Berman

Science 6/7

Mr. Andrew D Demarest

Science 7

Mr. Russell C Haynes

Science 6

Ms. Tara H Lynn

Science 6

Mr. Brian Moore

Science 8

Ms. Lauren F Rogers

Science 8

Social Studies 240-406-1600

Mr. Thomas K Dyson

Content Specialist Social Studies, 6 and 8

Mr. David Barnhouse

Social Studies 7

Ms. Julie Conrad

Social Studies 8 & Team Leader Grade 8

Mrs. Joanna L Gottesman

Social Studies 8

Mr. David C McCutcheon

Classroom Teacher Middle

Ms. Vasiliki Mihailidis (Vicki)

Social Studies 6 & AEIST

Ms. Moya Roarty

Social Studies 6

Speech 240-406-1600

Staff Development Office 240-406-1636

Mrs. Brenda Green

Staff Development Teacher

Student Service Learning (SSL) 240-406-1560

Mrs. Jennifer A Poole

SSL Coordinator

Technology Education 240-406-1600

Mr. Charles J Pozonsky

Technology Education

World Languages 240-406-1600

Ms. Bianca C Morales

World Languages Content Specialist & Spanish 1AB and 3

Miss Rachel J Carter

Spanish 1B and 2AB

Mrs. Kerry Costello

Spanish 1A, 1B, AOL, and PE

Ms. Assea Elboubkri

French 1A & 1AB

Mrs. Luisa Jauregui

Spanish 1A & 2AB

Mrs. Yi-Chun Lin (Jean)

Chinese 1A & 1B, 1AB & 2AB