About Us



We will provide a safe environment where everyone can engage in learning, achieve their fullest potential, and thrive in their lives.

Every student will have the academic, creative problem solving, and social-emotional skills to be successful in college and career.


Core Values 


We believe that students learn best when they have strong relationships with peers and adults. with hands-on, real world connections and applications, cultivating curiosity, clarity of expectations, feeling valued and included. We work to ensure  that outcomes should not be predictable by race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

Therefore, we will support inclusion of all students in all areas of school/community, we will provide field experiences/community connection to enhance learning, encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills, we will explicitly model instruction and expectation and provide criteria for success. Staff will engage in continuous professional development to provide the best learning for students and ensure equitable practices are being used/implemented. 


We believe that relationships are built on trust, communication and collaboration. It is important to understand the perspectives and experiences of our diverse community. 

Therefore, we will build a community with children, families, caregivers, staff and community members in order to create a sense of belonging, worth, and acceptance by working together to eliminate institutional barriers, ensure equitable practice, make decisions and identify common goals.



We believe that all students, staff, families, caregivers and community members add value to our Brooke Grove learning community; honor the diversity of perspectives, opinions, cultures, interests, abilities and backgrounds. 

Therefore, we will listen, be open to, and accept the diversity of perspectives, opinions, cultures, abilities, interests, and backgrounds with the belief that all students, staff, families, caregivers and community members add value to our Brooke Grove learning community.


We believe we must set and hold high expectations for every student so that all students are college and career ready. We believe that every student can learn when given the appropriate environment, encouragement, learning tools, and support. 

Therefore, we will create a safe, engaging environment where students have the tools and confidence to thrive. We nurture a culture of creativity and inquiry which fosters an enjoyment of and engagement with learning. We actively identify and eliminate barriers (systemic & individual) so that we can utilize resources and provide extra support and interventions so that all students can achieve their full potential