B-CC HS Media Center: Information Page


Media Center Staff

Brian Baczkowski (brian_baczkowski@mcpsmd.org)- Media Specialist
Bill Toscano (William_L_Toscano@mcpsmd.org)- Media Services Technician
Alice Birney (Alice_L_Birney@mcpsmd.org) - Media Assistant
Diana Goodman (diana_s_goodman@mcpsmd.org)- Media Assistant


The mission of the B-CC High School Media Center is to assist students in answering their own questions so that they can become lifelong learners and productive members of our global society.


The media center staff attempts to create an open and inviting atmosphere where students are encouraged to think critically and creatively with our support. We believe that the media center is a unique and dynamic place in the school where students can simultaneously study for exams, research for papers and projects, read quietly, pursue information of personal interest, collaborate with group members, and (during the non-instructional day) socialize with friends.  We want to be available to recommend a good book, teach you an efficient way to search databases and the Internet, help you answer a research question, counsel you in college and job searches, and talk with you about your personal interests.  As a result, the media center should be a place where you want to come, and hopefully we achieve this goal.


The Media Center aims to provide B-CC’s diverse population with formal instruction,  individual guidance, and appropriate and up-to-date resources to meet individual student and staff needs.  We offer B-CC's diverse population individual guidance, formal instruction, and appropriate resources to ensure that students will become lifelong learners, independent thinkers, and responsible citizens who are able to:

  • access information
  • present effectively the results of their research
  • use technology efficiently and responsibly
  • read for pleasure and personal enrichment


7:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday - Friday

Students may use the Media Center without passes before and after school and during lunch. At all other times during the school day, passes signed by a staff member are required.


Circulation/Loan Periods:

General books: 3 weeks
Reference books: Used in media center only; some overnight

Overdue Notices

Overdue notices are sent to home rooms and posted in the Media Center regularly. Students are urged to return books as soon as they are no longer needed. Students with overdue materials may not check out additional items.

Fines & Obligations

We do not charge fines for late books but enter obligations if the student loses an item.  For expensive audiovisual equipment, however, we do charge $1 per day on expensive audiovisual equipment such as video cameras, chargers, and tripods.  

Expected Student Behavior

  • Be curious!
  • Return all chairs and material to their places.
  • Maintain a level of conversation which allows everyone to read, research, and study without distraction.
  • Logout when finished using the computers.
  • Follow MCPS's computer policy when using the computers.