SGA Student Government Association

Faculty Advisor:
Emily Fishel

Club Function:
B-CC's Student Government Association (SGA) represents students to the administration. It serves as a liaison between students and the administration about issues concerning students such as student parking and attendance policies. It is not really a club but the elected representatives of the entire student body. Representatives of each class, first period classes, and all student organizations are also part of the SGA. SGA and class elections are held each May. Students wishing to run for office should listen for details on the announcements after spring break. Any student eligible for extracurricular activities is eligible to participate.

Meeting time and place:
The SGA holds its Executive Board (the officers) meetings Wednesdays at lunch in the SGA office next to the main gym. SGA has monthly general assembly meetings, the third Thursday of each month, second period in the auditorium.

OFFICERS 2023-2024

President - Ella Raymond

Vice President - Adin Eisler

Treasurer - Luka Saracevic

Liaison - Amen Mekonnen

Secretary - Ananya Roy

Publicity Chair - Sara Torres

Special Affairs Coordinator - Anna Lane

Community Service Chair - Brooke Morgan

SGA Liason - Dean Hammerman

Class Spirit Committee Chairs - Sophie Khosrodad and Katherine Jones

Click here for a list of all Class Officers



Generally held at the beginning of each school year, the Activities Fair allows all students to peruse the wide assortment of extra-circular activities offered at B-CC. If your club would like a table at the fair, you must fill out the activities fair registration form or pick one up at the main office. All clubs must register by the deadline date.

9th-grade students will be released during 4th period to proceed to the Activities Fair.  10th -12th-grade students will attend the fair during lunchtime.

All clubs wishing to participate in the Activities Fair must
1. Fill out online Club Application Form,
2. Submit the registration to Ms. Trimble by the date specified.

New Club Applications
All Students interested in starting a new club must apply by the deadline date announced at school and stated on the application form.

For the Activities Fair, club tables will be set up outside of the main entrance.  Students who will be setting up should report to the sidewalk in front of the main office entrance.



Click on this link to see the list of approved clubs for 2019-2020.