Community and Service in the MYP


Action Cycle  

Community and Service in the MYP

The goal for students' participation in Community and Service in the MYP is for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom, taking purposeful action to affect the world in which they live. The diagram above reflects the MYP cycle of inquiry as it relates to community and service. In engaging in purposeful action, students progress through the following three stages:

  • Awareness and Understanding (understanding the needs of the community and the student's own role in the community)
  • Action (active involvement in service activities within the community)
  • Reflection (reflecting on the quality of the experience and areas of personal weakness and strength that have been revealed as a result of the experience

    Procedure for submitting SSL hours and MYP hours  


  • Use Maryland State Department of Education and/or MCPS regulations to determine which activities are approved for SSL (Student Service Learning). Mr. Tapley is the Student Service Learning coordinator at BCCHS.
  • Make sure that the activities you are completing for SSL are pre-approved. Information about approved activities can be found here.
  • After you have completed a service activity, submit the completed form to Mr. Tapley. Be aware that there are specific deadlines for submitting SSL forms. These are:
    • For service completed over the summer - Last Friday in September
    • For service completed in first semester - First Friday in January
    • For service completed in second semester - First Friday in June


  • Once you have submitted the form to Mr. Tapley, complete a reflection to record the activity with the MYP office. Once you have completed the embedded GoogleForm below, remember to click "SUBMIT." This will ensure that your hours are recorded.
  • If you have questions about any of the above, contact Ms. Mirkow at your earliest convenience.