Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find out my child's bus schedule?

The bus schedule is distributed in the summer mailing, which includes the bus number, along with pickup and drop-off locations and times. Parents are asked to complete information cards for each child, which include how your child is brought to and from school and what to do in an emergency.


How does my child know which bus to ride home in the afternoon?

The school administrators organize the kids into their bus groups at the end of the day and for the first few weeks give them color stickers that correspond with their school bus route "color." This way the kids become familiar with how to line up for the bus, the group of kids that they line up with, and the color of the bus route.


What if I am late and not there when the bus returns my child from school?

If a parent/caregiver is not present at the bus stop, the child will be brought back to the school office.



What is served for lunch daily?

Generally, two entree choices are available, along with assorted fruit, vegetables, and drinks. Students may also choose a bagel with cream cheese. Monthly menus are posted on the internet at


How much does lunch cost?

A hot cafeteria lunch is available for all Wood Acres students in grades 1-5. The price is $1.75 for lunch and $.40 for milk.


How do I pay for my child's lunch and how does the system work?

Each student is assigned a 4-digit number, given that number on a card the first few days of school until it is memorized, and enters that number on a PIN pad each time he/she goes through the cafeteria line to purchase food and/or drinks. Parents send in a check to "Wood Acres Cafeteria" periodically to deposit in the student's account. When the account balance is low, a note is sent home via backpack. If there is an insufficient balance in the account, the child will receive a peanut butter or cheese sandwich and a carton of milk. The cost of this lunch is $.80. When they have been notified, parents should pay this amount directly to the cafeteria, not to the school office.



Can I get into school after hours if my child forgets something they need for their homework?

If the child forgets to bring books/papers needed for homework, parents are encouraged to contact other children in the class to obtain the necessary information to complete the homework on time. Regular school office hours are 8:30am-4pm.



Where can I get a copy of the curriculum for my child's grade?

Montgomery County Public Schools publishes a Parent's Guide to each elementary school grade level, which explains the curriculum. Copies are distributed periodically at PTA meetings, or may be obtained from MCPS at Specific questions about your child's class should be directed to the teacher.



Other sources of information include:

  • The Wood Acres Parent/Student Handbook (available from the school office)
  • The summer mailing sent to each registered family
  • Wood Acres School Directory, published by the PTA each fall
  • Wood Chips, the PTA monthly newsletter
  • Wood Acres website,
  • Periodic memos from our principal and the PTA
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