Wayside Weekly

 Wayside Weekly 



The Wayside Weekly will be updated weekly to share news and calendar events. 


Visit the Virtual Backpack to access an archive of notes and flyers. 


The Wayside Weekly will be updated weekly to share news and calendar events. 

Visit the Virtual Backpack to access an archive of notes and flyers. 



Greetings Wayside Families!    


Principal's Message - Week of May 20   


It’s a busy time of year! 

Be sure to check the Wayside calendar and PTA calendar to stay up to date on end of year events!  


Field Day/Play Day Update

Monday's Field Day for grades 3-5 is rescheduled for Wednesday, May 23.


Play Day for grades K-2 is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, May 22.

Field Day for grades 3-5 will now be held on Wednesday, May 23.


Hopefully, the sun will shine and dry out our fields for successful events on Tuesday and Wednesday!


The forecast for Tuesday is looking rainy! We will continue to monitor Tuesday's forecast and alert you to any changes ASAP.


Wayside Calendar  

Tue, May 22
Play Day

Wed, May 23
Field Day

Thur, May 24
Play Day Rain Date

Mon, May 28
Memorial Day - offices and schools closed

Tue, May 29
3rd Grade Field Trip to Kids Museum

Wed, May 30
Kindergarten Show

Thu, May 31
3rd Grade Field Trip to Kids Museum


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MCPS This Week
A weekly video roundup of news and information from MCPS on updates on what is happening throughout the district. The shows are cablecast on MCPS TV and may be viewed at the following URL:
English:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOk-rSGdnOk        

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Parent Academy Workshops

The spring season of the Parent Academy will end on Thursday, June 7. Be sure to take advantage of the free workshops that will be offered in the next three weeks:


-Navigating the School System

-Active Parenting Now

-College and Career Readiness: A Step in the Right Direction

-Everyday Summer Reading


More information can be found on the MCPS website.



Graduations Begin May 29   


The 2018 high school commencement season is set to begin on Tuesday, May 29, and will end on Friday, June 8 Graduations taking place at DAR Constitution Hall will be streamed live, courtesy of DAR, on DAR’s website.   


MCPS is inviting parents/guardians to submit their favorite graduation snapshots. Parents/guardians should select the best graduation photo of their child(ren) and e-mail it to pio@mcpsmd.org. Many of the pictures will be posted on the MCPS website. Parents/guardians and students also can submit photos via Twitter and Facebook (using the hashtag #mcpsgrad). We will repost some of the photos on our social media pages.  


To contribute a photo via e-mail, follow these simple steps:  


Choose your best horizontal snapshot.  


Send the photo as a jpeg file (no larger than 4 MB) and e-mail it to pio@mcpsmd.org.  


Include your child’s first name and school name. (We will not publish last names.)  


By submitting a photo, parents/guardians are agreeing to its use for publication on the MCPS website. If you have questions, contact the Department of Public Information and Web Services at 240-740-2837 or e-mail us at pio@mcpsmd.org.  




MCPS Seeks Feedback on New Elementary Curriculum  


MCPS is seeking feedback from parents/guardians on the new elementary curriculum process and plans. The survey asks parents/guardians for their familiarity with school curriculum and asks them to rate the effectiveness of Curriculum 2.0.  


It also seeks feedback on the most important aspects of a new curriculum; the benefits of an externally purchased curriculum; any concerns the district should consider when reviewing curriculum products; and the most important factors for a successful rollout of a new curriculum.  


Montgomery County Board of Education Policy IFA, Curriculum, calls for reviews of curriculum content every five years.  


As MCPS transitions away from Curriculum 2.0 toward an externally purchased curriculum, stakeholder feedback will be an important consideration. Parents/guardians can offer their feedback until June 11 here.  


The transition to a new elementary curriculum will take place over multiple years, beginning with a group of schools and selected courses in 2018–2019. For more information, visit www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/curriculum/curriculum-review.aspx.  


2019–2020 Calendar Survey   


MCPS has launched the 2019–2020 Calendar Survey. This survey includes questions regarding school closure on various days, including religious and non-religious holidays. The data will be analyzed and reviewed as context for the development of the 2019–2020 school year calendar.   


The survey will include questions seeking input from MCPS staff, families, students and the broader community regarding school closure on various days, including religious and non-religious holidays. The data will be analyzed and reviewed as context for the development of the 2019–2020 school year calendar.  


You will receive survey invitations through e-mail or by a postcard sent via U.S. mail with instructions to access the survey. Parents and guardians also will receive information about how and where to access the secondary students (Grades 6–12) survey with their invitation. This will allow parents and guardians to moderate access to the survey for their child(ren).  


The survey is translated into Amharic, Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese. All participants will have the option to choose one of these languages at the start of the online survey. Paper copies also are available in English and in the translated languages. Send requests for paper copies of the survey to calendarsurvey@mcpsmd.org. The survey window closes May 22, 2018.  


Participation in the survey is voluntary and data collected will be anonymous and confidential. More information is available at www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/calendar/survey2018/ 


Free Microsoft Office 365 for Students        


The Maryland Department of Education and Microsoft have entered into a collaborative partnership that allows all students and all school system staff to get the latest version of the Microsoft Office software suite, Office 365 ProPlus, at no charge. Office 365 ProPlus includes the full suite of Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as the ability to create, save, and share Office files online. Under the program, students and staff are able to download and install the Microsoft Office software on up to five devices free of charge.                     


The devices may be PCs, Macs, tablets, or phones. For FAQs and download instructions in multiple languages, visit www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/parents/.           


Student Rights and Responsibilities and Code of Conduct         


In order to ensure a safe, productive and positive learning environment, MCPS publishes two documents that help students, parents, and staff understand school rules and regulations; the expectations for student conduct; and the possible consequences for violating the rules. A Student’s Guide to Rights and Responsibilities is an overview of the rights and responsibilities students enjoy in MCPS and a summary of the laws and regulations that affect students. The MCPS Code of Conduct provides an overview of discipline procedures and protocols and the range of consequences students could face for violating various policies, regulations, and rules. The guide also discusses the MCPS philosophy to discipline. All families received a copy of these documents and are encouraged to review them with your child(ren). The documents are available online at www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/students/rights/.