Counseling Support


Counseling Program

I collaborate with our school staff to help all students achieve academic success along with promoting personal, interpersonal, health, and career development. The SKES comprehensive counseling program includes (but is not limited to) classroom lessons, individual counseling, and small group counseling.


Classroom Lessons

Counseling lessons are taught once a month to students in Kindergarten-5th grade and focus on specific character values.

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Individual Counseling

Brief counseling is available for all students on an individual basis. Students may be referred to me by their parents, a Strawberry Knoll staff member, or students may self-refer by placing a note in my mailbox.


Small Group Counseling

Group counseling is provided to small groups of students that are usually in the same grade and are experiencing similar concerns. Group topics may change depending on the year and can include friendship, coping with stress, organization, divorce or grief.


Problem solving strategies

DeBug System (K-2)

A problem solving strategy that gives students steps to follow when someone is “bugging” them.

1-Ignore (If that doesn’t work…)

2-Move away (If that doesn’t work…)

3-Talk friendly (If that doesn’t work…)

4-Talk firmly (If that doesn’t work…)

5-Get adult Help (If that doesn’t work…)


I-Messages (all)

A respectful way of communicating with peers that focuses on feelings and ways of making positive change.

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