School Information

School Hours

The student day begins at 7:45 a.m. with a dismissal time of 2:30 p.m. daily.  Business hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  All bell schedules are posted on the home page.


Students will report to their homeroom to receive their official schedule of classes and other important information. Students will be able to locate their homeroom by referring to posters located near the main office, the counseling office, the cafeteria, and on the second and third floor of the school.

New Student Orientation

Students entering ninth grade and students new to Springbrook will have an opportunity to visit the school and meet their teachers during this orientation program. Buses will make their normal run on this half day schedule, and the bus schedule is posted on the SHS home page for your reference.  Students will gather in the auditorium to meet the administration and to receive directions to visit their classes.  This orientation is for new students only!

Communicating with the school 

Before contacting administration, parents should first address instructional concerns with the classroom teacher and resource teacher (RT). If you need to contact the administration or RT, please refer to the academic department directory.


Staff Information

The SHS homepage is up-to-date and gives specific information regarding school activities and other important contact information.  Your students teachers and counselors can be contacted by email.   Listed below are some of the more frequently requested phone numbers.

Athletic Office 


Financial Specialist 


Attendance Office 


Health Room 


Business Administrator 


Main Office 




Media Center 


Career Center 


Security Office 


Counseling Services Office 


Transportation - Dispatch 


Registrar      301-989-6089 Edline - Grades      301-989-6068


Full Staff Directory:

Other useful web sites include: or @springbrook_hs (twitter feed); or @brooksports (athletics site/twitter feed); and (athletics)

Student Expectations

Respect yourself, others, property, and ideas. Use considerate, respectful language; profanity is unacceptable. Comply with adult directives; identify yourself when asked by a staff member.  Do not tease, bully, intimidate, or harass others.  Do not deface or destroy property (personal or school).  Be an active learner:  prepared for class with necessary materials and supplies.  Demonstrate school pride and spirit.  Be involved in extracurricular activities.    Set high goals for yourself.  Follow the rules and monitor your academic progress.  Seek help and support when needed.


The attendance secretary is now in the main office. Students are expected to on time and in class every day. Attendance is of great importance to student success at SHS.  We believe that school achievement starts with regular school attendance.  Students who are absent must submit a note from a parent/guardian within three days of their return to school.  Our complete attendance procedures are contained in the Student Handbook.  

Personal Electronic Devices

Students may only use these devices before school, during transition time, during lunch, and after school. These devices must be turned off and out of sight during classroom instructional time unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.  If they are displayed or in use during classroom instructional time, they may be confiscated.  Students may retrieve confiscated items at the end of the school day; however, a parent may be required to come to school to retrieve items for students with repeat offenses. SHS will not assume any responsibility for these items if they are lost or stolen. Please encourage your student to use these items responsibly.

Dress Code Requirements

While dress and grooming are primarily the responsibility of students and their parents, in order to establish a business-like atmosphere and prevent the possible disruption to educational activities, SHS has established the following guidelines:
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Emblems or items of clothing which are or could be construed to be offensive to segments of our school population may not be worn.
  • Clothing that depicts or advocates the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons may not be worn. 
  • Tank tops, crop tops, exposed midriffs, or visible undergarments are not permitted. 
  • Head gear (hats, bandannas, hoods, sunglasses, etc.) may not be worn once a student has entered the building. Head scarves are permitted to be worn by female students only. 


Agenda Books

All students will receive an agenda book during the first week of school free of charge which gives detailed information about school policies and procedures.  If lost, replacement agenda books are available for purchase from the Financial Office at a cost of $5.00.

Inclement Weather

Please be aware that MCPS occasionally has late openings or early dismissals due to inclement weather or unusual emergencies. These weather related decisions are made by the MCPS Central Office and not by SHS. Parents are requested to not call the school about emergency closing information. When school emergencies occur, the information is broadcast over local radio and television stations, as well as the MCPS website, within minutes of any decisions being made.


Locker assignments will be given on the second day of school to students who return the emergency information form. (The emergency information form is distributed on the first day of school.) Lockers at SHS have built-in combinations; therefore, students need not provide their own locks. Anything found in the locker belongs to the student to whom the locker was assigned. Security is a primary concern for all of us at school.  If students choose to bring personal electronic devices or other valuables to school they assume full responsibility for these items. In addition, students are solely responsible for securing their belongings in a safe place.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices. We prohibit students from sharing lockers with anyone else. 


SHS has a one lunch program designed to allow students to obtain additional help from their teachers.  All teachers are available during the lunch period to assist those students in need. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.  The lunch period is a “closed” lunch program, therefore, students must remain on campus in either the cafeteria, first floor hallway, or in one of the two outdoor courtyards.  Outside deliveries are not allowed during the school day, therefore, students can not order food to be delivered . Students also are expected to respect their facility, eat in designated areas, and dispose of their trash appropriately.

Parking Permit Applications

Parking permits will be available the first week of school.  Any student who does not have a financial obligation may pick up a parking application in the Main Office or in the Security Office.  Completed applications must be accompanied by cash or a check for $75.00 and returned to the Security Office.  Please make checks payable to Springbrook High School.   Vehicles without current parking permits can expect to be towed.  Student drivers who develop a pattern of tardiness or other problems may have their parking permit revoked.

Student Service Learning (SSL) Hours

Information regarding the “Steps for Earning SSL” and required forms can be located at:

If you have any questions regarding SSL hours, please contact Mrs. Madonna Brown Miles, counselor, at 301-989-5710 or

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is available to advanced high school students admitted to Montgomery College (MC). Select students are enrolled in college courses while still attending high school, providing an educational experience beyond what is available at the secondary level. High school juniors and seniors who meet the College's Dual Enrollment (DE) standards may enhance their schedule with college course work and experience the independence of college-level study while also earning college credit. Dual Enrollment at MC enables high school students to:


  • Register and attend a Montgomery College course(s) on campus, online or at their high school site Engage with outstanding college professors and their peers in a collegiate classroom setting 
  • Graduate from high school with earned college credit 
  • Potentially save money on college tuition 
  • Accelerate college completion 
  • Gain additional skills and confidence needed to succeed in college 

Students may enroll in a variety of courses at the college, provided they meet the Dual Enrollment standards. The credits earned may be applied to a degree program at Montgomery College or may potentially be transferred to another institution.  For more information click here: or


Project Reboot

  • Free computers for low to medium income households

  • Charitable Donations accepted

PROJECT REBOOT distributes computers at low cost to non-profit, educational, religion-based, and charitable organizations that work with low and moderate income families and other needy organizations as well as to low-income and disabled individuals and families.  Project Reboot also accepts donations of new and used computers, equipment and software. They have a workshop facility in Rockville where our all volunteer staff perform tests, run diagnostics and make repairs and upgrades on the computers.  

For more information on Project Reboot click here.