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Our Music Program

The General Music Program The General Music Program at Sligo Creek Elementary School offers students in Grades K - 5 an opportunity to have a hands-on experience as they study the elements, theory and history of music. Each day we sing songs in unison and in harmony. We also have opportunities to create, play, read, listen and improvise on melodic and rhythmic percussion instruments. During each quarter, a General/Vocal Music Curriculum Framework is specified and implemented on each grade level. These documents are available upon request.

Our School Song

In French In English
La Chanson de Sligo Creek
Sligo Creek, Sligo Creek Elémentaire
On est tous capables de bien faire.
Ecole du vingt et unième siècle
Sligo Creek Elémentaire.
On est salamandre,
Cherchant notre chemin,
Fiers de notre noir et bleu.
Gardez vos rêves,
Trouvez votre chemin.
Aucun rêve n’est trop loin!
The Sligo Creek ES Song 
Sligo Creek, Sligo Creek,
School for learning
in the 21st century.
We have dreams to all succeed
at Sligo Creek Elementary.
We're the Salamanders, searching for pathways,
showing our proud black and blue.
Keep your dreams and discover your path,
for no dream is too far for you!

Third Grade Opera Company

In 2007, our Third Grade Students established a kids opera company name! Since we are a French Immersion School, as well as an Academy School, our opera company has two names:

Our French version:

Les Etoiles brillantes de Sligo Creek - une compagnie d'opéra d'enfants

Our English version:

The Bright Shining Stars Kids Opera Company of Sligo Creek

Our Motto: In English: We are one shining star! In French: On est tous etoile brillantes! We created a theme for the opera and it is: In English: Friendship and In French: L'amitie.