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Our Vision: Sligo Creek Elementary School is a learning community where all students can achieve their full academic, social, emotional and creative potential.

Our Mission: to provide students with rigorous instruction in a caring environment, to develop responsible citizens of a global society.

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 2016-2017 Parent Handbook





 KINDERGARTEN ** Kindergarten Ready for School Night: Thursday September 7th 6;30-7:30 pm**1 Backpack (large enough to hold a folder without bending it; easy for child to open and close) 2 boxes of 16 or 24 crayons 6 Glue sticks & 2 bottles of glue 4oz. (Elmer’s suggested)    1 Pair of children’s scissors (Fiskars suggested)     3 composition books -black hard cover (100 pages)    $1.00 for Friday folder *place money in an envelope with child’s name clearly written

 2 boxes of #2 pencils (regular size) 1 box 8-10 wide classic color markers

 Wish List 2 box tissues 2 Container cleaning wipes  1 Container hand wipes   1 pump hand sanitizer (waterless) 1 box storage bags sandwich quart and gallon size


 2 packs of pencils   2 packs of 24 count crayons  12 glue sticks  2 package markers 1 package of erasers  1 pair scissors  1 1” white 3 ring binder with clear cover

 Wish List 1 bottle hand soap 1 bottle hand sanitizer  1 package sanitizing wipes 1 box quart and gallon size bags 1 box Kleenex $1.00 for Friday folder * place money in an envelope with child’s name clearly written


 2 packs of pencils  2 boxes crayons  2 large pencil erasers  2 blue plain pocket folders for homework 4 folders for schoolwork  4 Journal composition notebooks wide ruled  6 glue sticks   $1.00 for Friday Folder  *place money in an envelope with child’s name clearly written 1 1” white 3 ring binder with clear cover

 Wish List  2 Containers of cleaning Wipes Instant Hand Sanitizer Pump Hand Soap Sandwich Bags, (Quart, and Gallon)  Paper Towels Box of Tissues Extra Glue Sticks

 Supplies children need at home for homework  1 Pair of children’s scissors (Fiskars suggested)Pencils w/erasers 1 box 24 crayons    Glue sticks and/or a bottle of white glue 1 pencil sharpener Ruler


 1 Backpack 7 Composition notebooks (no spiral notebooks) Pocket folders (choice of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, white, and purple) 1 small supply box to fit in the desk 1 Package 8 ½ X 11 loose leaf notebook paper (100 sheets) $1.00 Friday Folder

 Wish List 24, #2 wooden pencils 2 large pencil erasers    1 box of crayons or washable markers 1 set of colored pencils 1 Ruler (metric/standard) Kids scissors (1 pair) 6 Glue Sticks 2 Highlighters  Hand sanitizing wipes: bottled hand sanitizer  2 boxes tissue (large size) Disinfecting wipes  Storage bags (gallon or quart preferred


 1 Backpack Pocket folders – 1 of each color red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple    1 accordion file folder (also known as an “Expanding Pocket” folder) 8 lined composition books, marble cover, 60 sheets  2 or 3 quad ruled composition books  2 Liter clear plastic bottles (3 or more, for science) $6.00 for a Sligo Creek Agenda

 *$1.00 for a Sligo Creek Friday Folder *2 packs of #2 pencils  Pens  Highlighters 1 pack colored pencils or markers Glue sticks  Kid scissors Ruler (must have inches on one side, millimeters on the other- no more than six or seven sections) Crayons

 Wish List  1 liquid hand soap 1 hand sanitizer 2 containers of disinfectant wipes 3 boxes of tissues   2 rolls of paper towels  1 box storage bags   1 ½ x 2 sticky pads (Post It Notes suggested)


 1 Accordion File 6 Composition notebooks (marble cover, 60 sheets) 2 Large Gluesticks 1 Pack Colored Pencils 1 Highlighter (yellow or green)   1 Pencil or supply case  1 Pack loose leaf paper (200 sheets wide ruled) 2 Pocket Folder  3 #2 Pencils (package of 12) 1 Pencil Sharpener (with cover to catch shavings)   4 -3X3 sticky note pads (Sticky Notes suggested)   Kids scissors  2 Eraser, Large Pink type  $1.00 Friday Folder  *$6.00 Sligo Creek Agenda *    NO THREE RING BINDERS!

 Wish List 2 boxes of tissues  2 Hand Sanitizer Bottles 1 Container disinfecting wipes  1 roll of paper towels



Summer Learning Begins!

Everyone wants to enjoy summer fun and relaxation, but don't forget to take time to keep your hard-earned academic skills sharp.  Here are links to our summer math and reading activities to keep learning and have fun, too!




 French Immersion

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