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Staff Development Website

Computer Assistance


1. Create a Help Desk Ticket. You can create a Help Desk ticket using any of the 3 methods below.

  1. If you are at school, create a Technical Help Desk workorder which is found in the staff applications tab. ( Our school number is 2153) An e-mail will be sent to you letting you know it was created and again later when it is fixed.
  2. Call the Help Desk at 301-517-5800 and be sure to have your employee i.d. number ready.
  3. E-mail by putting "Help  Desk" in the to field of your message.

2. Promethean Board 300 Series

   1. Help Guide for Returning to School August 2013

   2. Hardware issues with the board

  3. Flipcharts made by professionals in MCPS

  4.  Promethean Planet flipcharts



3. Printer need more paper? Notify Building Services to deliver

4. Need cartridge for networked printer? Notify the person in charge of the printers in each room. Please place used cartridges in box from new cartridge and mark "Recycle Warehouse" on the outside and set at pony envelope in staff mailroom.

     Room 6- Mrs. Sarisohn

     IMC- Mrs. Black or Mrs. Fisher

     Computer Lab- Mrs. Black or Mrs. Fisher

     Room 13- Ms. Petropouleas

     Room 18- Mrs. Long

     Room 23- Mrs. Galoway

     Main office- Mrs. Harney

     Caring Court-Volunteer Please?

 5. Logging into MyMCPS from Home

6. Getting Access to Your Documents from Home

Instructional Materials

1. Use Destiny, our online media center catalog to search for materials. This can be done in school on any computer or at home. You can also select to search all of MCPS libraries in case you want us to borrow an item.

2. Use our Online services to search for magazine articles, newspaper articles, plays, encyclopedia articles, images, etc.

 Reminder: The easiest way to get to the online services without using passwords at school is to go through the Media Center tab on your computer menu.

 At home, you will need our annually printed logins and passwords sheet availabe from the Media Center.

 3. Video Catalog-( only accessible from MCPS computers)  MCPS has a centralized video catalog that you can search for content videos and dvd's. You will search the  catalog as a guest. Once you find the item you need, record the item number and give it to the media staff along with the dates you would like it and the media staff will order it for you. Also video services will purchase items to be added to the centrally used catalog for borrowing.


Material Approvals? Need to know if a material is approved by MCPS?

1. Search DAE( Database of Accountable Evaluations)(MCPS computers only- staff applications)  for library books and instructional materials published after 2001. Guide  

2. Search EPIC( Evaluation Procedures Printer on Computer)(MCPS computers only- staff applications) to search for all textbooks( any year), software, family life, health, and AIDS materials as well as any library items or instructional materials before 2001. Guide

3. No approval on record in either DAE or EPIC? Then 2 professionals can write a review for instructional materials using form 365-25 and submitting to the Media Center for review and delivery to the Evaluation and Selection Unit. Textbooks and Family Life materials go through committee review before evaluations are granted.



United Streaming aka Discovery Channel

United Streaming is the Discovery Channel's educational video database for instruction with a wealth of videos with particular strength in the area of science and social studies.

In school, the easiest path to find this resource is to go to the Media Center on the Menu> Online Resources> Discovery Education.

The direct link is Discovery Channel. Teachers may have their own accounts linking to our school. Poolesville's passcode for completing the initial account application is on the wall in the computer lab.

The media specialist has administrative rights to this resource so if you have lost your login or password, she can contact Discovery to generate an e-mail to you.

Teachers can create their own library of videos to pull from.

Students can also  have accounts to United Streaming to watch videos.






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