Special Education

Telephone: 301-649-8276 (LAD Program) | 301-649-8514 (ED Program)

About Us

Welcome to the Special Education Department at Northwood High School. We offer two services. The first service is the Learning and Academic Disabilities (LAD). Mrs. Katharine Scheig is the RT. The second service is Emotional Disabilities (ED). Mr. Anthony Dickens serves as the Program Specialist. As a department it is our goal to help our students to be successful and confident members of our community. We work very closely with the Guidance Counselors, teachers, administrators, Wellness Center, and the CSACC program at Northwood.

How to Address an Issue About My Child?

If you have a question regarding your child, you should first contact the case manager. The best way to reach the case managers is by email. If you would like to call, please dial (301) 649-8276 (LAD) and (301) 649-8514 (ED). Please understand that when you call this number you will not immediately access the case manager, but a message will be taken and delivered to them.

How Can I Stay on Top of Grades?

Northwood uses the Edline program. Each student and family is given a password to access the Edline system. Using Edline you can monitor your child’s grades on homework, classwork, and assessments. If you are unable to log in to Edline, please feel free to contact your child’s guidance counselor or case manager.

What If I Have Other Concerns?

If you have other concerns regarding your child, please feel free to let the case manager know.

Transition Services

The following is a breakdown of actions that students in each grade should take.

9, 10, and 11th Graders:

  • Make appointments with their counselors to review their academic progress and plan for next year. 
  • Consider career and technology course offerings at the Thomas Edison High School of Technology.  (Students/Parents should visit or attend an Open House).
  • Register for the SAT/ACT.
  • Visit the SSL Coordinator to get the approved Student Service Learning activities list.

12th Graders:

  • Complete all college applications and return them.   Attend college visits. 
  • Register to technical colleges.
  • Complete SSL hours.
  • Complete graduation requirements.
  • Pay graduation fees.

If students and parents have additional questions about Transition Services, they should access the MCPS Transition Services site at: http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/special-education/programs-services/transition-services-unit.aspx

Staff Members


Name Position Email
Mr. Anthony Dickens Resource Teacher Anthony_B_Dickens@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Robert Chapman Paraeducator Robert_L_Chapman@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Shanna Engel Teacher  Shanna_S_Engel@mcpsmd.org 
Mr. Jason Gray Paraeducator Jason_E_Gray@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Gregory Kotch Teacher Gregory_Kotch@mcpsmd.org
Dr. Donald Nixon Teacher Donald_B_Nixon@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Zully Pineda Paraeducator Zully_I_Pineda@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Giovanni Reumante Paraeducator Giovanni_D_Reumante@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Tara Srinivas Paraeducator Tara_Srinivas@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Benjamin Vogel Paraeducator Benjamin_Vogel@mcpsmd.org


Name Position Email
Mrs. Katharine Scheig Resource Teacher Katharine_A_Scheig@mcpsmd.org
Mrs. Joanne Bryson Paraeducator Joanne_F_Bryson@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Rowena Deluca Paraeducator Rowena_R_Deluca@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Dana Dennis Teacher Dana_A_Dennis@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Michael Dunn Teacher Michael_Dunn@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Margaret Fletcher Teacher Margaret_L_Fletcher@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Joseph Hall Paraeducator Joseph_A_Hall@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Lisa Hall Paraeducator Lisa_K_Hall@mcpsmd.org
Mrs. Jennifer G. Harris Transition Support Teacher Jennifer_G_Harris@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Jesse Hull Teacher Jesse_P_Hull@mcpsmd.org
Mrs. Sarah Jackson Teacher Sarah_P_Jackson@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Louis Levine Paraeducator  Louis_T_Levine@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Kristen Loughney Teacher Kristen_Loughney@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Tammy McMillen Paraeducator Tammy_R_Mcmillen@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Paulette Medley Paraeducator Paulette_D_Medley@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Alix Medor Teacher Alix_Medor@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Sara Money Paraeducator Sara_M_Money@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Simon Moore Paraeducator Simon_D_Moore@mcpsmd.org
Mr. Tracy Roberts Teacher Tracy_Roberts@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Kristy Schwatka Teacher Kristy_M_Schwatka@mcpsmd.org
Mrs. Joanna Shahid Paraeducator Joanna_A_Gyermeh@mcpsmd.org
Mrs. Lynne Stevens Speech Pathologist Lynne_W_Stevens@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Deneen Turner Teacher Deneen_M_Turner@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Robyn Watts Teacher Robyn_D_Watts@mcpsmd.org
Ms. Anna Wolfe Paraeducator Anna_M_Wolfe@mcpsmd.org