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 Magruder High School (HS) takes great pride in its ability to provide parents, students, and staff with the latest avenues to communicate news and information. Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is committed to keeping up with the latest technologies and platforms to share timely information to all stakeholders. This is an enormous support in our efforts to meet the demands of our school community.

The Magruder ListServ (through Yahoo Groups) has provided parents with the latest news for more than a decade. Unfortunately, it has become an outdated form of communication and has been phased out.

 Parents now have new avenues of being connected to the latest information distributed by Magruder HS. Emergency notices, daily announcements, principal’s messages to students and staff, grades, and other information are now being shared through two primary channels: 

● Parent Portal: parents/guardians are encouraged to create their myMCPS Portal account for grades, attendance, forms, and links to what their children are learning in the classroom. If you have not set-up your parent account, please e-mail Stephanie Schwinn at with your child’s full name and grade. ○ Having a Parent Portal account allows access to download the myMCPS App to your iPhone or Android devices. When logged in, users can follow schools in order to get the latest posted announcements, easily update school accounts, and access MCPS resources directly from their smart devices. ○ Parents are granted access to myMCPS Classroom to view assignments and other important instructional materials. 

● myMCPS Connect: Information is delivered to parents via e-mail, SMS (text message), phone call, and/or myMCPS App, depending on the nature of the message. This method relies on current parent contact information on record with the school. ○ If you need to update your contact information, please complete the attached form and return it to the Magruder HS Main Office, or you may visit the Magruder HS website to complete the form online - under the “News” tab click on “Parent Contact Update Form”. If you have any questions, please contact the Main Office at 301-840-4600. 

Sincerely, Leroy C. Evans Col. Zadok Magruder Principal



Helen wins another world title.   Magruder HS graduate Helen Maroulis captured another world title to add to her 2016 Olympic gold medal.

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Two members of the Magruder High School family made it to the top!


Two Magruder High School (HS) graduates recently achieved one of the highest honors in the sport of figure skating. Michael and Rachel Parsons were crowned World-Junior Figure Skating Champions in Ice Dancing.


Michael, a 2014 graduate, and Rachel, a 2016 graduate, spent many hours in preparation for competitions around the world. Their sacrifices are too numerous to mention, but their commitment is undeniable. This resulted in a gold medal at the World Junior Championships in Taipei City, Taiwan. Their score of 164.83 allowed them to outscore the silver medalists from Russia by 0.46 points (The Greater Olney News).


The Magruder HS community salutes Michael and Rachel for their outstanding achievement on the world stage. We also extend congratulations to their parents and family who have provided significant hours of support throughout their journey.


We wish them the best of luck as they begin their next journey to the Olympic arena!



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Principal’s Message

Colonel Connection

May 2017



In a recent conversation with Col. Paul Shelton, Senior Instructor in the Magruder High School (HS) JROTC program, I learned of an incredible act of bravery and respect.  Col. Shelton shared the most amazing story I have heard in my career in Montgomery County Public Schools.


The story involves Col Shelton’s attempt to pay tribute to SGT Rodrigo Munguia-Rivas, a Magruder HS graduate and former JROTC student.  SGT Munguia-Rivas was killed in action while serving at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.  At the request of his family, SGT Munguia-Rivas was buried in San Salvador, his home.  As a result of this request, there was no military burial in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery.  In a recent visit to Arlington National Cemetery, Col. Shelton was reminded again of the lack of a formal tribute to this fallen warrior and Magruder HS graduate.  This visit heightened his desire to do something to honor this cadet, alumnus, and soldier.  It also gained the attention of a tenth grade cadet.  Cadet Ever Guevera went to Col. Shelton to ask how he could pay tribute to SGT Munguia-Rivas.  It was a natural match between a very enthusiastic teacher who gave many years to his country and a young student (cadet) who was driven by a desire to serve.


Col. Shelton thought many times about how he could pay tribute to SGT Munguia-Rivas even though he was buried thousands of miles away.  As fate would have it, Cadet Guevera was planning a trip to visit extended family in El Salvador.  The cemetery in San Salvador is 3 ½ hours from the village where Cadet Guevera’s family lives.  Although he suspected that the passage would cross areas where many violent gangs make their home, Cadet Guevera was determined to make the journey, and pay tribute to a fallen former cadet and Army officer. 


Col. Shelton wanted Cadet Guevera to have the support of others to ensure he would be safe and that transportation could be secured for Cadet Guevera and his family.  SGT Munguia-Rivas’ mother, who happens to work at the very cemetery Cadet Guevera was visiting, was notified of the pending visit by an American and was overwhelmed at the thought that her son was not forgotten, especially by his Magruder HS family. On the day of the visit, a significant number of members of SGT Munguia-Rivas’ family were present for this special tribute to a fallen hero.


Cadet Guevera’s brave journey to the San Salvador cemetery was more than a tribute to a former Magruder HS cadet by a fellow cadet and a caring Senior JROTC instructor, it represents a long-awaited recognition of a son’s ultimate sacrifice for the country he loved.  Cadet Guevera, with the support of his instructor, laid a wreath at SGT Munguia-Rivas’ gravesite.  While this act of bravery and kindness reflected the determination of a fellow cadet and a passionate instructor, it was for a grieving mother a moment to witness the heightened level of appreciation for the supreme sacrifice given by her son.


To see a video of this amazing journey and the tribute of one young man to another, please visit the Principal’s Corner on the Magruder HS website.



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