*ACCESS for ELs  window closes in February.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation during our testing window.  The students worked very hard during this time.  We are proud of their efforts!    You will receive parent reports near the end of the school year. 


Please feel free to contact your child's ESOL teacher at school:

301-230-5914 or via email (click on teacher names below) with questions or concerns.

Mrs. Carol Aruta  

Mrs. Katherine Bennett  

Mrs. Julie Corrado 

ESOL Grading and Reporting

The third marking period will end April 9.  Most ESOL students will receive a performance level (Entering 1, Emerging 2, Developing 3, Expanding 4, and Bridging 5) for listening, speaking, reading, and writing on their report cards.  These levels are based on classroom performance and assessments.

ESOL at a Glance

WIDA and ACCESS Information:

For information regarding ACCESS for ELs  (the statewide annual assessment for  ESOL students in early January each year), please refer to the WIDA website. Attendance is important during this time. 

WIDA LevelsThis is a link directly to information about the WIDA Levels.


Please refer to the MCPS website and to our quarterly ESOL webpage for more information about our program.

Important ESOL Terms:

ESOL -English for Speakers of Other Languages

EL -English Learner

EL Plan - The accommodations document for ELs in the ESOL program.  It is required in Grades 2-12 for all levels of ESOL proficiency.

R-EL - The accommodations document for ELs who have exited the ESOL program within the last two years.  It is required in Grades 2-12 for all R-ELs.

Instructional Learning Websites

Colorin Colorado    

This is a bilingual site that provides information, tips, and activities!

International Children's Digital Library

Multilingual Children's Association   

This website has interesting articles and resources for parents of multilingual families. 


This interactive site with electronic books and activities will help your child learn the alphabet and letter sounds.


Mrs. Carol Aruta | Mrs. Katherine Bennett | Mrs. Julie Corrado


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