Counselor's Corner

April Notes from Your Counselor.......................................Gloria Silverberg

STAR Problem Solving Model

State the Problem.

Think of Win-Win Solutions.

Agree on a Mutually Beneficial Plan.

Reflect on Problem Solving Solutions.

Ways to Stay Connected with Your Children and Not Become a Helicopter Parent

1. Show respect.

Show faith in your child's ability to make good decisions and take care of him/her.  Parents can sometimes become so obsessed with their kids' success that parenting can turn into a form of product development.

2. Turn away from Perfection and Strive Toward Effort.

Set healthy reasonable standards and achieve balance in their lives.

3. Listen.

Open-ended questions

Reflective listening

I messages:  “When you______________, I feel_________________________.”

Patience:  listen to the whole story and try to assess what your child needs

4. Find time to talk  when emotions are calm and privacy is protected.

5. Spend time together  - find shared interests and get to know your child.

6. Talk about things going on in the world , books, and movies.  Ask for his/her opinions.  Ask questions to which you don't know the 'right' answer.  If you are alert to what is going on at school you can find topics to talk about.

7. Be honest . Without overburdening your children with adult problems.

8. Avoid being judgmental  as much as possible.  Children are individuals with their own unique needs and interests.

9. Allow your child to try on different roles   without hovering  over them.

10. Allow your children to make their own mistakes  - showing faith that they will learn from them.  Remember, you are not always going to be able to protect your child, so you want to empower them with the necessary tools to solve their own problems. Be resourceful.

11. Find ways to encourage your child and praise their effort rather than overpraising everything they do.

SGA News

A special thank you to all our students and staff who participated in collecting $2,034.34 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Pennies for Patients Fundraiser.   A very special thank you to Ms. Balayan and Mane T for collecting the money and handling our banking. Thank you also to the generosity of the Schmidt family.


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