The art program at Luxmanor serves all students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Each year, each grade level receives instruction and experiences in the following areas of art: drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics and printmaking.  Masks and puppets, bookmaking, architecture and textiles are explored as well. The elements of art and the principles of design are a focus for each lesson.  As students progress through their elementary years, the elements and principles are presented with an increasing level of complexity.  For example, understanding the use of color in a work of art begins in kindergarten.  We identify the primary colors and mix them to form secondary colors.  As the students reach fifth grade, they will have learned about warm and cool colors, complementary colors, tints and shades, monochromatic color schemes and analogous colors. This same pattern of learning occurs for all of the elements, principals and areas of art.

The art program includes opportunities to learn about individual artists, particular periods in art and a look at how art plays a role in our daily lives, in the history of mankind and how it makes connections to our learning in other subject areas.   

Each year the elementary art programs in Montgomery County are showcased in the Elementary Arts Fair.  During the school year, student artwork is on display throughout the building and we have an annual art show at Luxmanor towards the end of the school year.



 Mrs. Mary Jane Stufft



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